“Avenue Q”

Hey blog world! I had such a blast tonight! I went to the LSPU Hall to see Best Kind Production’s performance of “Avenue Q”! Dad and me sat in the front row! It was so cool! The show was bascially “Sesame Street” for Adults. A vast majority of the cast were puppets. There were only 3 human characters in the show! I absolutely loved the show! It made me feel all happy and warm and fuzzy inside! It was about a puppet named Princeton who has graduated with a B.A in English and moves to Avenue Q to try and find his purpose in life. On Avenue Q he meets a lot of quirky new friends. There’s Gary Coleman (yes THAT Gary Coleman) child star turned superintendant, Brian the failed stand up comic, Christmas Eve Brian’s Japanese therapist Girlfriend, Trekkie Monster a monster who likes looking at innapropriate images online, Rod a closeted gay guy, his roommate Nicky, Lucy a stripper with boobs half as big as Dolly Partons and finally Kate Monster. A beautiful blue monster who Princeton eventually falls in love with! Also there’s the bad idea bears. There were 3 of them. One was orange, one was blue and one was pink. They were very bad (and also very funny) bears who tried to talk Princeton into making bad decisions They say things to him like “More drinks, more fun YAAY!” and “Take her home! She’s wasted!”. Out of all of them Kate Monster was my favorite! She was so cute! In this show the puppeteers moved their mouths as they moved the mouths of the puppets. I found it pretty easy to concentrate on the puppet and not the human but for some reason (it was maybe the funny voice) when Nicky was on stage I found it hard not looking at his human! His humans actually. Him and Trekkie Monster needed 2 people to work them. One to do the voice and control the head and such and the other one controled the arm.This show had some really awesome songs in it! I loved “It Sucks To Be Me” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joWYZYBhH3A (which I was singing along with and dancing to in my chair), and “If You Were Gay” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuR5YMyfeNI. Also the show taught me a new word. Schadenfreude! It’s pronounced Sha den froy da. It’s german for laughing at the expense of others! Gary and Nicky sung a whole song about it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCQGQ5qBQTA! It was awesome! Another thing I learned from “Avenue Q” that I will definately never forget (and I hope none of you will either) is that everything in life is only for now! Such powerful words from a cast full of puppets! After the show I got to meet the cast! Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet the puppets but I did get to meet the actors! I thought that was great! They were all such nice people! The girl that puppeteered Lucy even let me keep her pen (I didn’t have one and wanted autographs so she lent me one and let me keep it!) I had such a great time and would definately go back and see it again if I could! Have you ever seen or performed in “Avenue Q”? Did you enjoy it? Tell me in the comments!

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