Hey blog world! Today was fun! I got to go to Staples staples (an office supplies store) to help out with a fundraiser for Special Olympics! Before I went I got to get lunch at Wendy’s Wendys. It was yummy! When I got to Staples I got to sit in a big comfy spinny office chair! I loved that! I was told to get people to donate money and get them to sign their name on a big sticky note that looked like a medal and put it on the wall. Since I would be there for 2 hours I set a goal of $100 because I thought that there would be a lot of customers who would come in and donate. At first I didn’t get too many people. The store wasn’t very busy. I got 2 or 3 but not too many. Some of the people didn’t have money or didn’t want to donate. Oh well! A little while later on 2 other athletes named G and J (just in case they don’t want to be named I’ll only use the first letter) and one of the coaches came by. They weren’t supposed to be there until 2:00 but they came early. They sat down with me and we chatted while waiting for customers. There was a big bowl of candy at the table with us for me to give out to customers as they made their donations. G saw the candy bowl and was in heaven! He took a Strawberry one and the look on his face was priceless! It was like he’d just eaten a lemon! He screwed his face right up! He said the candy was very bitter. I tried the cherry one. It was pretty good. G had been eating a lot of the candies so the coach (who was also his father) created a candy tax LOL! He said the first one would be free but every candy after that is $1. G really wanted to try a pineapple so he payed his dollar and took one. He screwed up his face again LOL! That one was bitter too he said. I’d gotten a few more customers since G and J arrived but I thought that maybe if I pulled out my iPod, played some music and G and I sang along (and maybe danced a little in our chairs) we’d get some more customers. It didn’t bring many in but at least we had fun! At the end of my 2 hours I counted my money and I unfortunately didn’t reach my goal of $100. At least I made it to the halfway mark! I raised $55! I thought that was still pretty good! Afterwards Mom and I went to DQ for some ice cream! That was a really yummy reward for all my hard work! Have you ever had to collect money for charity? Did you enjoy it? Tell me in the comments!

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