Long Weekend

Hey blog world! Happy long weekend! It’s the May 24th (or Victoria day as some call it) weekend and we get 3 days off! A lot of people go camping during the May 24th weekend but me and my family don’t. I like spending the 3 days relaxing at home with my family. Also every year to kick off the May 24th weekend I always play this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KybSXc44uI. It’s called “The Pits” and it’s by Buddy Wassisname. It’s Newfoundlands May 24th anthem! It’s a funny song (and video) and it’s the perfect way to start off the weekend! Another great thing about the long weekend is that Thomas Amusements is in town! I’ll definately be going to that! What will you be up to during the long weekend? Tell me in the comments!


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