Please Whatever Your Name Is

Hey blog world! The Janeway is such an awesome place! It’s the Children’s hospital in Newfoundland and it makes miracles happen! Their telethon is fast approaching and so they got Comedian Johnny Harris Johnny to go to a school and get the kids to write a song about the Janeway. He let them pick the instruments and everything! The kids chose things like violins, guitar, piano and even the flute! The title they gave the song is “Please Whatever Your Name Is”. They got a bunch of awesome Newfoundland celebrites to record the song! People like Kelly-Ann Evans Kelly-Ann Evans (owner of Red Dress Entertainment and also amazing actress and singer), Peter Halley Peter Halley (director of the dinner theatre company “Spirit of Newfoundland”) and Shelley Neville Shelley (she is a member of “Spirit of Newfoundland”). When Johnny asked one of the kids how they could raise money for the Janeway he suggested robbing a bank LOL! I didn’t think they would but they put that into the song! One of the singers said “I could make masala chai tea or rob a bank” and then everyone said “NO WE’RE NOT ROBBING A BANK!” LOL! That’s my favorite part! I love the song and hope you will too! Please whatever your name is watch this video and feel free to sing along (the words are at the bottom of the screen) Also watch the Janeway Telethon this year on June 1st and 2nd and donate some money to this wonderful cause (but plese don’t rob a bank to get that money LOL!)


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