City Hall

Hey blog world! Yesterday I got to go to City Hall! The reason I was there was to see the proclamation of the Special Olympics Summer Games. All the athlete’s names were put into a hat and my name was one of the ones that was drawn! My friends G and J (as always I will just be using the first letter of their names) were picked to go too! The coach that was going to City Hall with us picked me up and gave me a ride out to City Hall. I asked to turn on the radio so I could hear some music along the way and instead of the radio he put on a gospel CD. I’m not a huge fan of gospel music but this wasn’t half bad. It was upbeat and kinda catchy. When we got to City Hall I got to meet Miss Teen Newfoundland and Labradoor 2013! She looks so pretty and she’s very nice! Me, her and my friend G had a great conversation together! She even took a picture of me sitting in Mayor O’Keefe’s big chair! I also saw Buddy the Puffin Buddy the St John’s Ice Caps mascot! It was so cool to see him there! There were cameras all around and I was getting excited because I knew that meant I might be on TV. The unfortunate thing was that they were all Rogers cameras and I don’t get Rogers so I won’t see myself! That sucks! For those with Rogers watch “In Council” and see if you can find me! The meeting was kinda boring. The Mayor did crack a few jokes but other than that it wasn’t much fun. I did enjoy listening to him talk about the Summer Games though. After the meeting we got a bunch of pictures taken then we got food! Spirit of Newfoundland spirit an amazing dinner theatre company did the catering and the food was delicious! There were loads of yummy things to eat! Crackers, fruit, cheese, olives, chicken, salmon and lots of other yummy things! I had 3 plates of food! It was delicious! Out of everything there my favorite thing was definately the salmon. It was on a baguette with cream cheese! I loved it! They weren’t just giving out food. They were also giving away 2 for one vouchers for Spirit of Newfoundland shows. Buy a ticket for a show and get another one free! I thought that was so nice of them to be giving those out to us! I really enjoyed being at City Hall yesterday and representing the Special Olympics. Have you ever been in City Hall or another politics building? Tell me in the comments!

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