Hey blog world! I had a great day today! I gave my Mom an early Mother’s Day gift! We picked up my Cousin and her Neice and then we went out to the Golden Phoenix for our supper. It’s a yummy Chinese buffet place! I really enjoyed the meal! After we ate we went to the Mount Pearl Glacier to see a show called “Etcetera 27”. “Etcetera” is an anual show put off by Etcetera Productions. As you can guess by the title this year was it’s 27th year! It’s a musical revue! They do a wide variety of songs! Tonight they did a few songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Jesus Christ Superstar” and I thought those were amazing! My favorite was “King Herod’s Song” I liked the song and thought the dance moves were funny! They also did some songs from “Les Misérables”. I couldn’t pick a favorite out of them. They were all amazing! They did “I Dreamed A Dream”, “One Day More” and “At The End Of The Day” They also did some songs that I’d never heard before like “Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show” by Neil Diamond and “Stand Out” from “A Goofy Movie” They also did “Electric Youth” by Debbie Gibson That was firetrucking amazing! They totally rocked it! They also did a very heartfelt performance of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” I thought it was beautiful! To end off the show they did another song from “Jesus Christ Superstar” called “Superstar” I thought it was a great way to end off the show! I thought it was such an awesome, upbeat song and I had so much fun dancing to it in my seat! I had a great time tonight and can’t wait to back next year for “Etcetera 28”! Were you there tonight? Did you enjoy yourself? Tell me in the comments!


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