Beezi Board Game Review

Hey blog world! Today at social thinking my friend E brought in a new board game she got called Beezi . It’s a spelling game. I thought it was kinda hard but it was fun! There were 4 levels of difficulty. Honey which was easiest, bumble which was medium, Digger which was a bit more difficult and Killer which was the hardest. It really put my spelling skills to the test! There were some very big words like Ghetto, Metronome and Soliloquy. I recognised a lot of the words but some I had never heard before. It was fun learning new words and how they’re spelled. It took us a long time to play this game. I’d say probably about a half hour or more. Even though it took a long time I enjoyed myself! I give this game 3 stars! Do you like playing word games? Why or why not? Tell me in the comments!


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