The Possum

Hey blog world! I just read some very sad news. George Jones (a.k.a the possum) George Jones died today at 81. He was a Country singer. His music is played a lot on the Cabin Party. I love listening to his songs! He’s written some of the most beautiful slow ones like “Walk Through This World With Me” and “He Stopped Loving Her Today” (which is my favorite slow song of his) and he wrote great fast songs too like “White Lightning” and his most iconic song “The Race Is On” He was married to Tammy Wynette for 7 years. They divorced but still recorded duets together like “Golden Ring” which was recorded 2 years after the divorce. I’m really sad to see George gone. Now more than ever I wonder “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes”! Are you a fan of George? What was your favorite song he sang? Tell me in the comments!

R.I.P George (September 12th 1931 – April 18th 2013) 😦

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