Hey blog world! I have a few friends that are in wheelchairs. I now have a new respect for them after what I’ve been through today! It was abilities awareness day at school. There was a sign up sheet in the hallway a few days ago and students could sign up to spend 2 periods with a blindfold, a pair of earmuffs or in a wheelchair. I decided to try out the wheelchair. I got to spend the first 2 periods in it! When I got my wheelchair I was on the 1st floor and my first period class was on the 3rd so I needed to use the elevator. I wasn’t given a key because there weren’t enough for all of us so one of the teachers had to unlock it for me. It was my first time and I was a bit nervous. I was having trouble getting inside and the door almost closed on me! Thankfully another girl in a wheelchair who was in the elevator caught it and let me in! It was kinda fun going up to the 3rd floor in the elevator! Backing out of the elevator was easy but turning around wasn’t. I had a lot of difficulty turning in my wheelchair! I found it very hard to do! In my Science class all the desks are attached to chairs Desk and since I couldn’t get out of my wheelchair I couldn’t sit at my desk. I wasn’t sure of what to do. My Teacher had a great idea. He turned the desk backwards so the desk part was facing me and I could easily roll up to and away from it. On the way out of Science by accident because of my horrible turning skills I drove into the wall LOL! My next period was English. My ex was really nice to me because about halfway to the class he took hold of the handles attached to my chair and pushed me the rest of the way! I thought that was very nice of him. When that class was over I needed to use the elevator again to get back down to the 1st floor so I could return my wheelchair so another student could use it. Because I had no elevator key I had to wait a while. There was a big line up of wheelchair using students that were also waiting to get on. When the doors opened up I tried getting in but there was already enough on so I had to wait longer. My friend who is on crutches (It wasn’t an experience like my wheelchair. He was actually hurt) used his elevator key and both of us went down together. When I got out of my chair my legs felt kind of strange. I found it weird being on my feet again. Though I was very thankfull that I was able to go back to walking. If you had the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be blind, deaf or in a wheelchair for a day what would you choose and why? Tell me in the comments!

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