Orange Julius

Hey blog world! Recently one of the Dairy Queens here in Newfoundland got an Orange Julius shop. Orange Julius  is a chain of smoothie stores that in 1987 was bought by Dairy Queen and now lots of DQ restaurants also have an Orange Julius. I’d been wanting to try one for a long time but no DQ restaurants in NL sold Orange Julius. Thankfully one of them recently began offering Orange Julius smoothies. The other day Mom found a coupon for a free Orange Julius drink in a box of Honey Nut Cheerio’s  so I cut it out. My Aunt invited me to spend the night at her house last night and since she lives kinda close to a DQ I packed the coupon in my bag and took it with me. When we got there we decided to get a strawberry smoothie. When we got to the window by accident my Aunt said strawberry Orange Julius. We were given a strawberry Julius original . I took a sip and really enjoyed it! It was creamy, frothy and tasted amazing! Later on it began to get really sweet. It probably had something to do with the sweetner they put inside. It was so sweet that neither me or my Aunt couldn’t finish it! Next time I’ll definately remember to say smoothie instead of Orange Julius! If you want more information on Orange Julius stores go to Have you ever tried a Julius Original? Did you like it? Tell me in the comments!

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