My Favorite Famous Males

Hey blog world! I’ve done a post on my favorite famous ladies and now it’s the mens turn! Here are my favorite male celebrities!

Jason Bateman Jason Bateman: He’s a great actor! He’s hillarious! There hasn’t been a movie with him in it I didn’t like! Out of all the movies he’s been in my favorite is “Mister Magorium’s Wonder Emporium”. He played Henry the accountant Henry (Mr Magorium called him the mutant!)

Barry Weiss Barry: He is one awesome old guy! I never know what to expect from him! He’s my favorite person on “Storage Wars”!

Rod Stewart Rod Stewart: He’s cute and he can sing! His music makes me happy! Everytime I hear one of his songs a smile always comes across my face! I know every word to almost all of them!

Monte Durham Monte: Monte is a southern diva that makes my Friday nights so much more fun! He works at Bridals by Lori. That’s where they film “Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta”! He’s sassy, stylish and has the most adorable southern accent!

Tom Kenny Tom Kenny: He’s the voice of Spongebob! Need I say more about why this guy rocks?

Alice Cooper Alice Cooper: He creepy but that’s what makes him so cool! I saw him live a bunch of years ago (I think I was maybe 9 or 10 at the time) and even though it was loud I loved the show! He’s such an incredible performer! I can’t pick just 1 favorite song that he sings. I’ve got 3! “Welcome To My Nightmare”, “Black Widow” and “School’s Out”

Duff Goldman Duff Goldman: He’s the ace of cakes! I love watching his show on the Food Network! The cakes he bakes are so elaborate, beautiful and just plain epic! I would love it if someday he could bake my birthday cake!

Neil Flynn Janitor: He’s the janitor on “Scrubs”. He’s my favorite character on the show! He’s hillarious! Especially when he pretends to be stupid and tries to eat soup with a fork!

Chris De BurghChris De Burgh: I will never forget the night we hugged! That was such a magical moment! I think of it every time I hear “Lady In Red”!

Robert MunschRobert Munsch: I grew up on Robert Munsch! I read his books in both English and French (I’m in French immersion and when I was in Kindergarten the teacher would sometimes read us French versions of Roberts books!) His books are really funny! I remember a few years ago I used to go to a retirement home every Sunday and I would read the seniors there a Robert Munsch book. They all loved hearing me read his books to them! Out of all of them my favorite one is “Thomas’s Snowsuit” Thomas's Snowsuit!

Terry Fox Terry: He’s a Canadian! He lost a leg to cancer (as you can see in the video) and he attempted to do a run across Canada to raise money for Cancer research! He is such an inspiration!


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