Trip Home

Hey blog world! In the words of John Denver “Hey it’s good to be back home again”! I got back home midnight last night! It took a long time to get back home! Our last meal in Thailand was on Thursday night at a restaurant called Poppeys. My sister invited everyone there for a special last supper before we all left. I enjoyed myself for a bit but then all of a sudden BANG! Fireworks were set off! They only set off 2 but they frightened me! I thought those were the last but I was wrong. They shot off a few more later on and I really didn’t like that. Other than the fireworks the meal was very enjoyable. I had a delicious Australian striploin steak and a baked potato! It was huge and I couldn’t finish it though LOL! When we got home we went right to bed because we’d have to get up early in the morning to catch our first flight. The next day we got dressed and ready then we went to eat breakfast. When we were done we did a few last minute thigns to get ourselves ready then before we left Dad told me and my Neice to go and give away our floaties that he’d bought for us since they weren’t quite fit to bring back home. We gave them to a British couple with 4 kids. They were very thankfull! We took a taxi to the airport and I don’t know quite how long the drive was but it felt like a very long time! We took 1 last good look at Koh Samui before we left. It’s a beautiful place and I was kinda sad to go but yet I was excited to be coming back home to see my family and friends once again! When we got into the airport in Koh Samui I was very happy because there was food! They had all sorts of yummy things, popcorn, chocolate danishes, oreo cupcakes! Yum yum! There were drinks too. I tried the grape juice and it was pretty good! After a few minutes of being in the airport we heard Mom’s name on the loud speaker. She went to the front desk and asked why she was paged and one of the employees said that our flight was overbooked! He told us that if we stayed back and got on another flight he’d pay us. We got 4000 baht! We also got to stay in the first class lounge until it was time for our next flight! I thought that was really cool! There were TV’s air conditioning, computers and more food! I was really glad to be somewhere with air conditioning because the Koh Samui airport has barely any walls! It’s outside which makes it really hot! When I got into the lounge I sat down, plugged in my laptop and went to to listen to their pay for play (I blogged about that by the way so see the post “Pay For Play 2013” for more info.) It’s an anual fundraiser done by Hits FM where people can donate money to hear whatever song they want! There are no limits! All the money raised went to Special Olympics NL. I’m a Special Olympian so that made me happy! I loved hearing “You Can’t Rollerskate In A Buffalo Herd” by Roger Miller and “Banana Potato” by the Minions while waiting for my flight. When we boarded it was about an hours flight. During which they gave us a meal. Corn, lettuce, extremely spicy red peppers and mystery meat (it was pink with dark pink squares!!!) I only ate the veggies. When we landed in Bangkok because of our flight delay instead of having a 6 hour wait we had a 4 hour wait for our next flight so we checked in and then went to the food court to get some real food! Mom, my Neice and me went to DQ and Dad went to Subway. Mom and Samantha weren’t as hungry as me so they just got ice cream. I however was starved because I didn’t eat much of the airplane food so I got a hotdog and a sundae. The hotdog was pretty good. I didn’t like the bun though. I really enjoyed the sundae I had! I had a caramel almond sundae without the nuts (I don’t like nuts.) It was yummy! Then we found our gate, sat down and I listened to more pay for play while we waited to board. Bangkok to Narita was 5 hours. I was tired so I slept through the whole flight! Well almost. I woke up for a few minutes when they were serving a meal. We could have either had a continental breakfast or something else (I forget the other option.) I had the breakfast. It was horrible! there was some kind of weird chunky and creamy white thing (I put some on my fork and it tasted really bad), veggies and I can’t even remember what else. I didn’t eat very much of it. When we landed in Narita we had an 8 hour wait. The first thing we did was get some breakfast. I had fried rice. It tasted really yummy! I also tried some of my parents food as well. I tried a spoonfull of my Dad’s beef stew and didn’t quite like it. I also tried some of my Mom’s cup of noodles and I liked it! They taste just like the noodles at home! I also tried one of my Neices french fries. It wasn’t too good. When we were done we sat down and waited to board our next plane. It was a very very long wait! 8 hours! To pass some time Mom took me and my Neice to the duty free store in the airport (duty free means no taxes included in the price) and let us buy a souvenir from Japan. I got a very pretty Hello Kitty doll in a kimono! Also to pass some time I used my laptop again. The Pay for Play was over so I went on YouTube and I also played Tetris for a bit. It was a long tedious wait and I was glad when we finally got to board the plane! Before we got on Mom told me we were going to journey into the past (just like in the movie “Anastasia”!) The reason why is because due to the time change in Newark we’d be landing 5 minutes before the time we left in Narita! I thought that was really cool! This was a really long flight. 12 hours! That’s the longest I’ve ever been on a plane! Thankfully there was a TV on this one! I watched a lot of stuff! I watched “The Campaign” for the first time. I thought it was really funny! Especially when Will Ferrel punched a baby in slow mo! It wasn’t a very nice thing to do but it was funny! I also finally finished “Horrible Bosses”! Also I watched “Jessie”, “Wayne’s World” and I also saw “Marry Poppins”! I hadn’t seen it in years and loved watching it again. It’s too bad I didn’t get to finish it though. At least I own it! I watched some other movies too but I can’t even remember them! They fed us on this flight as well. For our dinner we had a choice of either chicken or beef. I had the beef. It wasn’t too bad. For desert we got a brownie! It was triple chocolate! It tasted delicious! For our supper we had a cheeseburger! The unfortunate thing was that it wasn’t until after I’d finished my burger that I realized they gave us a ketchup packet! Oh well! For desert with the burger we got ice cream! It was vanilla. It tasted really yummy. Dad was really lucky. The reason why is because there was a smiley face in his ice cream! That was awesome! For the final meal we had the choice of pasta or an omelete. I was completely full and I didn’t want anything but Dad told me to order anyways (I can’t remember why) so I got the pasta. I had a few bites and then didn’t have anymore. During landing I always have to be chewing on something to stop my ears from popping. I had a bag of starbursts to chew on. I accidentaly ate too many too quickly! Because of all the airplane food and the starbursts and the bumpy landing for the first time ever I used the air sickness bag! I had never thrown up on a plane before and hope I never ever do again! When I got off the plane my stomach was still hurting a lot and I desperately needed a gingerale! Thankfully a few minutes before I boarded the next plane I got one! It helped a lot. The final flight from Newark to home was 3 hours. As I was getting on the plane I saw one of my teachers! It was the special education teacher that takes me out for my tests! I was really surprised and happy to see him! Unfortunately we weren’t sitting next to eachother. Oh well! During this flight since there was no TV I used my iPod until it died. Then Dad and I did some crosswords together. They weren’t very easy but we tried our best and we had fun! When we landed I was so happy to be back home! It was freezing cold outside but I didn’t mind! I was happy to be back to the rock (that’s what some people call Newfoundland!) When I got home I noticed that the Easter Bunny had been to the house while we were in Thailand! There were eggs everywhere! Me and my Neice went on an egg hunt together and found loads of eggs! We even found some special surprises! My Neice got “Horton Hears A Who” on DVD and I got a Country Legends karaoke CD! I can’t wait to use it later! It was around 1:00 when I went to bed. I was tired from my long trip and was glad to be sleeping in my own bed! The beds in the various hotels I’ve slept in during my trip were nice but no hotel bed will ever compare to my own! It’s definately the best there is! Today I got to have jiggs dinner for the first time since I left! I missed it so much and was so happy to get to eat it again! I can’t wait to get to school tomorrow and talk about my trip with all my friends! Are you happy to come home after being on a trip? Why or why not? Tell me in the comments!


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