Hey blog world! Yesterday was my Sisters wedding. It was beautiful! To start off the day Mom, my Neice and me went up to my Sisters hotel room with her and the Bridesmaids and got ourselves ready. She hired someone from the hotel to do everyone’s hair for us. I got a really pretty bun with some braids in it on the side of my head. It looked so cool! At lunchtime Mom, my Neice and I went down to the hotel restaurant to get a bite to eat. We had cheeseburgers. The beef was a bit spicy but I really enjoyed the burger! When we were done we went back up to my Sisters hotel room, put our dresses on and waited til it was time to go. When it was time we all went down to the beach for the reception. I kept getting sand in my flip flops. I hated that! My Neice was the flower girl and I was so proud of her as she walked down the aisle throwing the flowers. My Sister looked absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress and her Fiance looked very handsome in his tuxedo. As my Sister walked down the aisle “Marry Me” by Train was playing! I thought it was so pretty! I really liked watching them release the doves! That part was cool! I also loved throwing flower petals at them at the end. Once the reception was over we took some pictures and then went to the bar for a while. I ordered a mocktail and chatted with some of theother guests. Later we went inside for something to eat. Before the meal there were toasts and speeches. I really liked the speech my Sisters brand new Husband gave. I also enjoyed the one my Dad gave as well. Next we got to have the meal. I thought we’d all get the same thing but the Adults were given Thai food and my and my Neice were given chicken strips and spaghetti and meatballs. It was good. The next course was a very very spicy soup with shrimps. I tried a spoonfull of the broth and my mouth was on fire! Everyone laughed at my facial reaction LOL! For desert we had some kind of lime infused ice cream. It was sour! I didn’t like it. Also for desert everyone was given a bride and groom cake pop. The groom was I think maybe dark chocolate and the bride was white. I liked the groom better. During the meal there was a guitarist who played and sang for us! He was really really good! He played songs like “Marry You” by Bruno Mars, “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon and “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars After eating our food and listening to the music we found out that there was a buffet outside! I’d already eaten my fill thinking that what we’d just eaten was the meal! I went out and got some food anyways. There were olives, rice, vegetables, chicken and other Thai foods. I had some olives, rice, watermelon and I can’t quite remember what else. What I do remember is that I liked it. After our meal we were told to go down to the beach again for a few minutes. My Sister advised me to stay inside. The reason why is because they were shooting off fireworks. They frighten me. Dad was very kind because he stayed inside with me. While everyone else was outside the DJ started playing some music for us. Ever since we got here Dad’s had “If I Had A Million Dollars” by the Barenaked Ladies stuck in his head. Everywhere we’d go in Thailand he’d be singing it so the DJ played it for him. I sang along and was the echo! One of the bridesmaids named J stayed in as well and we asked for “Ruby Tuesday” by the Rolling Stones (which is my favorite Stones song EVER) and we danced to it together! I really enjoyed that. When everyone came back in from the fireworks the DJ continued playing music and we all danced! He played lots of great songs like “Kung Fu Fighting”, “Gangnam Style” by PSY and even “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix A Lot My favorite part of the dance was definately dancing to “Is This Love” by Bob Marley with my Sisters new Husband (who is now my Brother in law)! He even sang along with it. He sounded great! It was 1:00 when the dance was over and I was dropping tired but I had an awesome time! Have you ever been to a wedding? What did you like most about it? Tell me in the comments!


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