Hey blog world! Sunday was fun! We went on a safari trip! We got picked up at around 8:30 at our hotel by our guide in a jeep and we went to 2 other hotels to pick up the rest of the people going on the tour with us. There was a family from Switzerland and a family from Germany. The Swiss people were really nice. There were 4 of them. 2 parents and 2 children. The father was named Eddie, the daughter was named Raani, the son was named Jai and I forget the Mom’s name LOL! I didn’t learn the names of the 4 German people because they spoke no English. Eddie and his family spoke English and also French so I could speak to them in 2 languages! The first stop was to see the “Big Buddha”. It was really big Buddha statue. Also there were some mallotts you could use to whack the abondance of bells surrounding the temple. They were all different sizes and made all different sounds! I enjoyed hitting them all and hearing their sounds! The Buddha statue was really intersting. I enjoyed looking at it! There was also a Monk there that sprinkled me and my Neice with holy water and gave us bracelets that were supposed to bring good luck. I was really surprised that they worked! My Neice’s cut stopped hurting and my laptop which was experiencing some problems got fixed! After the Buddha we went to see the Grandfather and Grandmother rock. The only way I can explain what the rocks looked like is indecent exposure in rock form. The grandma rock was shaped like a womans private part and the Grandfather was shaped like a mans private. It was disturbing! Next we went to an animal park to see some shows! First we saw an elephant show! When Mom first told me about the elephant show I jokingly said “I didn’t know Sharon, Lois & Bram were still touring!” LOL! (If you didn’t get that joke the Children’s entertainers Sharon, Lois & Bram had a show in the 80’s called “The Elephant Show”!) The elephant was amazing! It stood on it’s 2 hind legs, caught a hoop on it’s trunk and even played tug of war. The announcer at the show asked for a bunch of vollunteers and my Dad, me and my Neice went up and grabbed the rope and played tug of war with the elephant. Dad thought with this many people we’d win since it was only a baby elephant but he was dead wrong! I had fun trying though! Next we saw a monkey show! I can’t remember much about it but I remember he did tricks with coconuts. Then we saw a crocodile show. One of the crocodile handlers put their head in the crocodiles mouth to retrieve the baht that the audience gave him to put in the croc’s mouth. It was cool! I thought he was gonna bite him but he didn’t. Next was a bird show. The first bird wasn’t very smart because he was supposed to flip over pieces of paper on a board to reveal the word welcome but he forgot the W so he spelled out “Elcome” LOL! I got to help out with this show. I was given a dice and 3 coconuts. I put the dice under a coconut and then mixed around the coconuts. The bird was supposed to guess which coconut my dice was under. We did this 3 times and he got it right twice. As Meatloaf once said “2 Outta 3 Ain’t Bad” The time he didn’t get it right he was so upset he played dead LOL! My Neice helped out too! She held a pom pom in her hand and a bird swooped down and took it from her! It was so cool to watch! The final show we saw was snakes! My favorite part was when the trainer danced with a  snake! It was really cool! After that show we got into another jeep. It was an off road one with seats on the roof! My Neice and the 2 kids from Switzerland got up but I didn’t because I was too scared! We drove for a few minutes then got out again. It was time to ride elephants! I was a bit nervous getting onto him but when I got on and strapped in I was having a great time! The driver sang “Gangnam Style” and I sang along LOL! After about 10 minutes of riding in the cart attached to the elephants back the driver let me get out and sit on the elephants head and drive! It was fun! The elephant felt really leathery and prickly. It was interesting. Once we were off the elephant we got to have lunch. It was a buffet! There were all kinds of yummy foods! Rice, vegetables, chicken and all kinds of other stuff! My favorite thing was probably one of the chicken dishes that they had. It tasted kinda like barbeque. It was yummy! Once lunch was done we hopped back onto the jeep and we went for a swim in a waterfall. I waded around for a bit but that was it. There were lots of rocks and I was afraid of hitting my head so I didn’t get my head wet. The swim wasn’t as much fun as I thought. Next we saw the mummified monk. It was kinda crepy but very cool! The last stop was the Buddha’s magic garden! I really liked it there! There were some really pretty stone statues. We got back home at around 5:00 and we went to my Sisters resort to spend time with her for the rest of the night. I had my first mocktail! It was a virgin lychee tini! It was delicious! Have you ever gone on a safari? Tell me about it in the comments!


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