Beezi Board Game Review

Hey blog world! Today at social thinking my friend E brought in a new board game she got called Beezi . It’s a spelling game. I thought it was kinda hard but it was fun! There were 4 levels of difficulty. Honey which was easiest, bumble which was medium, Digger which was a bit more difficult and Killer which was the hardest. It really put my spelling skills to the test! There were some very big words like Ghetto, Metronome and Soliloquy. I recognised a lot of the words but some I had never heard before. It was fun learning new words and how they’re spelled. It took us a long time to play this game. I’d say probably about a half hour or more. Even though it took a long time I enjoyed myself! I give this game 3 stars! Do you like playing word games? Why or why not? Tell me in the comments!


The Possum

Hey blog world! I just read some very sad news. George Jones (a.k.a the possum) George Jones died today at 81. He was a Country singer. His music is played a lot on the Cabin Party. I love listening to his songs! He’s written some of the most beautiful slow ones like “Walk Through This World With Me” and “He Stopped Loving Her Today” (which is my favorite slow song of his) and he wrote great fast songs too like “White Lightning” and his most iconic song “The Race Is On” He was married to Tammy Wynette for 7 years. They divorced but still recorded duets together like “Golden Ring” which was recorded 2 years after the divorce. I’m really sad to see George gone. Now more than ever I wonder “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes”! Are you a fan of George? What was your favorite song he sang? Tell me in the comments!

R.I.P George (September 12th 1931 – April 18th 2013) 😦

Ubbi Dubbi

Hey blog world! In Drama class at school today we played a game called Park Bench. 2 people would come up and sit on an (imaginary) bench. the person on the left would be neutral and the person on the right would play a character and the 2 people would interact. When it was my turn to go up I decided to be a person who spoke only Ubbi Dubbi. Ubbi Dubbi is a special secret language created by the kids on the show “Zoom”. It’s very easy to pick up. All you do is say “ub” before every vowel sound. For example “Hubi hubow ubare  yubou” is how you would say “Hi how are you”. An example from the show is this I don’t know how they came up with Ubbi Dubbi but I think it’s so cool! Can you speak Ubbi Dubbi? If not then go here It’s an ubbi dubbi translator! Lubeave uba cubommubent ubin ubbi dubbi dubown bubelubow (translation: Leave a comment in Ubbi Dubbi down below!)

Lubeah (Leah) 🙂


Hey blog world! I have a few friends that are in wheelchairs. I now have a new respect for them after what I’ve been through today! It was abilities awareness day at school. There was a sign up sheet in the hallway a few days ago and students could sign up to spend 2 periods with a blindfold, a pair of earmuffs or in a wheelchair. I decided to try out the wheelchair. I got to spend the first 2 periods in it! When I got my wheelchair I was on the 1st floor and my first period class was on the 3rd so I needed to use the elevator. I wasn’t given a key because there weren’t enough for all of us so one of the teachers had to unlock it for me. It was my first time and I was a bit nervous. I was having trouble getting inside and the door almost closed on me! Thankfully another girl in a wheelchair who was in the elevator caught it and let me in! It was kinda fun going up to the 3rd floor in the elevator! Backing out of the elevator was easy but turning around wasn’t. I had a lot of difficulty turning in my wheelchair! I found it very hard to do! In my Science class all the desks are attached to chairs Desk and since I couldn’t get out of my wheelchair I couldn’t sit at my desk. I wasn’t sure of what to do. My Teacher had a great idea. He turned the desk backwards so the desk part was facing me and I could easily roll up to and away from it. On the way out of Science by accident because of my horrible turning skills I drove into the wall LOL! My next period was English. My ex was really nice to me because about halfway to the class he took hold of the handles attached to my chair and pushed me the rest of the way! I thought that was very nice of him. When that class was over I needed to use the elevator again to get back down to the 1st floor so I could return my wheelchair so another student could use it. Because I had no elevator key I had to wait a while. There was a big line up of wheelchair using students that were also waiting to get on. When the doors opened up I tried getting in but there was already enough on so I had to wait longer. My friend who is on crutches (It wasn’t an experience like my wheelchair. He was actually hurt) used his elevator key and both of us went down together. When I got out of my chair my legs felt kind of strange. I found it weird being on my feet again. Though I was very thankfull that I was able to go back to walking. If you had the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be blind, deaf or in a wheelchair for a day what would you choose and why? Tell me in the comments!


Hey blog world! Today’s daily post was called “Earworm”. It says to write about songs that get stuck in your head. I find that getting songs stuck in my head happens a lot to me! Here are a few examples of songs that I’ve gotten stuck in my head!

What songs have been stuck in your head? Tell me in the comments!

Orange Julius

Hey blog world! Recently one of the Dairy Queens here in Newfoundland got an Orange Julius shop. Orange Julius  is a chain of smoothie stores that in 1987 was bought by Dairy Queen and now lots of DQ restaurants also have an Orange Julius. I’d been wanting to try one for a long time but no DQ restaurants in NL sold Orange Julius. Thankfully one of them recently began offering Orange Julius smoothies. The other day Mom found a coupon for a free Orange Julius drink in a box of Honey Nut Cheerio’s  so I cut it out. My Aunt invited me to spend the night at her house last night and since she lives kinda close to a DQ I packed the coupon in my bag and took it with me. When we got there we decided to get a strawberry smoothie. When we got to the window by accident my Aunt said strawberry Orange Julius. We were given a strawberry Julius original . I took a sip and really enjoyed it! It was creamy, frothy and tasted amazing! Later on it began to get really sweet. It probably had something to do with the sweetner they put inside. It was so sweet that neither me or my Aunt couldn’t finish it! Next time I’ll definately remember to say smoothie instead of Orange Julius! If you want more information on Orange Julius stores go to Have you ever tried a Julius Original? Did you like it? Tell me in the comments!

Freaky Friday

Hey blog world! Freaky Friday was the title of Friday’s daily post. I decided to write about it today. It says to write about who you would like to spend a day as or who you’d like to spend a day as you! There’s a girl in my school who I’ve been in class with since Kindergarten and she’s always been really mean to me. I want her to spend a day in my shoes so she can see how it feels to be me and have Autism. Then maybe she might give it a rest. One of the main things about me I’d like to put her in my shoes so she can experience is what it’s like to have tics (and I don’t mean tics like the ones on a dog. A tic for an Autistic person is an uncontrollable movement or sound like blinking, clearing your throat or lip biting.) She says that when I do stuff like this it annoys her so I’d like her to spend a day in my shoes so she can see what not being able to control doing these things is like! Back when we were in Jr High the school bell was really loud and I would cover my ears. She would always try and pry my hands away! Because of this I’d also like her to experience how loud stuff like this sounds to me and why it is I cover my ears. If you could spend the day as someone or have someone spend a day as you who would it be and why? Tell me in the comments!