Remembering Buck

Hey blog world! 7 years ago today the world lost a great Country musician. Buck Owens Buck. On March 24th 2007 he was going to play a concert at the Buck Owens Crystal Palace. He came to the venue early and had his favorite meal. Chicken fried steak. Afterward he didn’t feel well so he told his bandmates he was going to cancel the show. As he was getting ready to leave he saw some of his fans that said they came all the way from Oregon to see him perform. He didn’t want to let them down so he played the show. That night he died in his sleep. I think he went out pretty well. He played a show, had his favorite meal and died in his sleep. Not a bad way to leave the earth if you ask me. I’m a big fan of his. His music was great! He wrote really awesome fast songs like “Sam’s Place” and also he wrote some really pretty slow ones like “Together Again” Out of all of his songs my favorite is “Think Of Me” Not only was he a singer, he was also on TV. He and Roy ClarkRoy hosted the TV show “Hee Haw”. Buck also sang and participated in the skits. My favorite thing that Buck did on “Hee Haw” was called “Picking and Grinning”. It was a segment where Buck and Roy would play music together (Roy would play the banjo and Buck would play the guitar) and in between they’d tell jokes. Heres one of the “Picking and Grinning” segments of the show It’s really too bad that he’s gone. At least him and his music are able to live on through DVD, and radio! R.I.P Buck :(!


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