Three Stooges Movie Review

Hey blog world! I serve at my Church and sometimes the Reverand will hold special hangout nights for the servers. Tonight was one of those nights! We got Dominos pizza and watched a movie. “The Hobbit” was the general consensus (that means most people voted for it) but some of us (I was one) didn’t want to watch it so instead we went to Netflix and watched “The Three Stooges” The Three Stooges. It was really funny! It was about the 3 Stooges named Larry, Curly and Moe. They were packed into a duffle bag and left at an orphanidge when they were babies. They spent their entire lives there! Moe was adopted once but he wouldn’t leave without Curly and Larry and the parents didn’t want 3 kids so they took him back and adopted someone else! Later in the movie when the Stooges are fully grown they learn that the orphanidge is running out of money and that it’s going to close down. What’s worse is that one of the kids that the Stooges are really good friends with named Merv is really sick! They decide to go out and get all the money that the orphanidge needs. Slapstick hillarity quickly ensues! My favorite part of the movie was when Larry and Moe dress in drag! I won’t spoil the ending but I really liked that too! It was a happy one and I love when movies end happily! At the end of the movie I expected the credits to roll and that would be it but there was more! 2 of the people that made the movie had a little safety message for us. They showed us that the hammer and sledgehammer that Moe hit Larry and Curly with in the movie were rubber and no one really got hurt. They also showed us how Moe made it look like he’d poked Larry in the eye. They told us not to poke people in the eye or try anything we saw in the movie. I thought it was a good idea to do that! Have you seen this movie? Tell me what your favorite part was in the comments!


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