If I Had A Million Dollars

Hey blog world! Today on their Facebook page Sirius XM’s Kids Place Live radio station (channel 78) asked what we’d do if we had a million dollars. The only catch was that we couldn’t spend it on ourselves. I thought the answer was extremely easy. I’d split the money between 2 charities. I’d give one half to the Janeway janeway logo and the other half would go to Ronald McDonald house RMHNL. Located just 5 minutes from the Janeway the Ronald McDonald house is a home away from home for out of province families whose Children have to be treated at the Janeway. I chose to give half to the Janeway because it’s like my 2nd home. I’m there a whole lot (thankfully not as an in patient). They’ve helped me out so much and I want to help them! I chose to give the other half to the Ronald McDonald house because though I’ve never stayed there I think it’s an amazing charity that does great things for the kids in this province and it deserves the money! If you had a million bucks (which you can’t spend on yourself) what would you do with the cash? Tell me in the comments!

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