Hey blog world! Today was so much fun! I went to Clarenville for a Special Olympics bowling tournament against athletes from Clarenville! I had to get up at 5:00 because our bus left at 7:00. I have no alarm clock so Dad had to come wake me up. When I got up I put on my Special Olympics shirt (an orange T shirt with the SO logo on it) and then had breakfast. I had a piece of pizza that Dad brought home for me last night and a cup of Tim Horton’s tea which Dad bought for me last night. I was asleep when he came home with it so he just left it out for me and I put it in the microwave. As soon as I ate I did my hair and got everything ready then we left. When we got there the bus wasn’t even there yet. It took a few minutes but it finally arrived! I sat next to my friend M.A on the bus. The drive to Clarenville was 2 hours so I brought my iPod for something to do. The whole time I was singing along with it! M.A thought I was really good because she said that I should try out for “American Idol” and that she’d vote for me! During the trip we made a pit stop at a gas station. I was really glad we did that because I really needed to stretch my legs! After a few minutes we got back on and then headed straight to the bowling alley in Clarenville! It was a really nice place! I liked it there. We were all split into 2 groups. Morning and afternoon bowlers. The morning bowlers would bowl first, get lunch and then have free time. The afternoon bowlers would have free time, get lunch then bowl. I was a morning bowler. We played 3 games and I did an excellent job! I was robbed of a turkey though. I got 2 strikes in a row and then I went up to try for the turkey and I knocked down all but 1 PIN! I felt so robbed! Not only did I have fun bowling but I met a really pretty girl named T who was on the opposing team. She seemed really nice. I learned something about her the hard way. I went up to her after she’d bowled a really good turn and said good job but then she pointed to her ear and said “Deaf”. I’m sure she probably didn’t take any offense because we had just met and I didn’t know but I felt kind of embarrassed inside! I want to learn some sign language so I can try talking to her next time I see her. Do any of you know how to speak it? Give me a few pointers in the comments! After I bowled my 3 games I got my lunch! We had Subway! It was yummy! There were lots of yummy sandwitches to choose from! I took a peperoni and salami and I couldn’t find much else I liked so I took a turkey sub and picked the turkey off. I was really relieved to find out that the mayo was optional. I’d seen lots of athletes walking around with mayo on their subs so I thought that it was on all of them but thankfully it wasn’t. After my 2 subs (and a few of my friends ketchup chips) I was still kinda hungry so I asked one of the leaders for help finding a roast beef sub (I couldn’t find any when I first looked and I didn’t find out there were any until I was already eating). I got it and then one of the leaders told me that 2 was the limit! Oopsies! At least I still got to eat it (I couldn’t put it back because I’d already touched it.) Once my sub was done I taught one of my friends on my team how to play crazy 8’s and we played a game together. I bet him! Then he wanted to go and play a fun game of bowling with some of the other girls on my team so I got out my Spongebob coloring book and colored with some of my friends! It was fun! After a while me and my friend S.F played war. It took at least an hour (or maybe more!) She won. It came as no surprise to me because whenever I play a game with her (even when I make it up) she wins! I also sang a little bit. They were showing “Alvin and the Chipmunks” on the wall using a projector and I couldn’t help but join in with them! After about an hour or so we went to the Lions club for a meal, medal presentations and a dance. We got to have a bit of a dance before we ate because the meal hadn’t arrived yet so we all danced until it got there! I got to slow dance to “Lady In Red” with one of the members of the Clarenville team. When the meal arrived it was unfortunately Marry Browns (not so) famous chicken and taters! What surprised me was that I HATE Marry Browns but yet I ate every bite! I had a leg and I traded my thigh for one of the coaches wings (the wings are my favorite part of the chicken!) While I was eating I chatted with one of the members of the Clarenville team who sat across from me at the table. She was really cool! We began to really like eachother! After we ate our meal we got our medals! I won 2 gold and a silver! I got one gold medal because my team won gold and I got the other one because I got the highest score overall (which means I got the highest score out of everyone!) I won the silver medal for highest points over average! They also drew names to win some Law Enforcement Torch Run T shirts and my name was drawn! Then we got to have our real dance! It was only an hour but I still had lots of fun! At the end of the dance we said our goodbyes to our new friends from Clarenville and got back on the bus. This time it was a 2 1/2 hour ride because we took a shortcut but instead of being short it made us take longer! I was once again singing on this bus trip to pass the time. My friend S.F who I was sitting with sang along with me a few times! I had such a great time out in Clarenville and I hope to go out there again sometime! Have you ever won a medal in a competition? Tell me in the comments!


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