Musicals I Want To See Live

Hey blog world! I’m a HUGE fan of musical theatre! I love seeing musicals performed on stage! There are several that I haven’t seen live yet that I really want to see! Here they are!

“Rent” Rent: This is a musical about a group of bohemian friends. Also it deals with some very controversial topics (HIV, gays and lesbians, drugs etc) and has some coarse language (lots of F bombs and other bad words). Even though it’s got all that stuff I still love it! I’ve seen the movie at least a dozen times on TV (and plan on buying it on DVD someday) and have half the songs on my iPod and I’ve memorized the words to some of them! It came to Newfoundland when I was in grade 8 but Mom thought it wasn’t appropriate for me at the time. Oh well! Hopefully it comes back! My favorite song from this musical is “La Vie Boheme”!

“West Side Story” West Side Story: This is kind of a modernized “Romeo and Juliet”. It’s the story of Tony and Maria. Tony is a former member of the Jets gang who now works as a stock boy and Maria is an immigrant from Puerto Rico and has a brother (and several other family members) who are in a gang called the Sharks. Tony and Maria love each other but the Jets and Sharks don’t get along and won’t allow Tony and Maria to be in love. The teacher showed us this movie in Grade 7 and I loved it so much that I bought it and now I can watch it whenever I want! It was also performed live here but I had no idea and missed it! I hope it comes back as well! My favorite song from this musical is “Gee Officer Krupke”

“The Music Man” The Music Man 2: This is the story of con man Harold Hill. He comes to River City and starts a fake boys band and sells everyone instruments and uniforms and tries to skip town with the cash. It’s a great show with lots of great songs! This has never been performed live here and I hope someday it does! I would love to see it! My favorite song in this musical is “Marian The Librarian”

“The Phantom Of The Opera” Phantom Of The Opera: This ones a little bit scary but I really like it. It’s about a disfigured phantom who lives in the basement of the Opera Populaire in Paris! I saw the movie in music class in grade 8. Ever since I saw the movie I knew I wanted to see this live! I hope I get to! My favorite song from this musical is “Phantom Of The Opera”

“Les Misérables” Les Mis: I love this musical and I loved the movie! It was here earlier in the year and I wanted to go but couldn’t :(! I really hope that it comes back! My favorite song from this musical is “I Dreamed A Dream”

What musical would you like to see live? Tell me in the comments!

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