Top 10 Kids Songs

Hey blog world! I don’t get to listen to this station as much as I used to (because Mom’s Sirius free trial expired and Dad barely ever plays this station) but when I get the chance I love listening to Kids Place Live on Sirius XM. It’s got fun, catchy and upbeat kids music that doesn’t annoy me or drive me nuts like most kids songs! Here are my top 10 favorite kids songs that I can actually stand listening to!

#10 “Can You Canoe” by the Okee Dokee Brothers This is a song all about canoeing. It’s nice and slow and makes me feel kinda peaceful.

#9 “Jump Rope” by Blue October This song is comparing life to a jump rope because just like a jump rope lifes got it’s ups and downs! The chorus is my favorite part!

#8 “Moose On The Loose” by Ozomatli It’s a rap about a moose! How much more awesome could it get?

#7 “The Princess Who Saved Herself” by Jonathan Coulton I like the upbeat tempo of the song! It’s fun to dance to!

#6 “7 Days A Week” by They Might Be Giants This song is funny! I also find it easy to get stuck in my head! I went camping last summer and heard it on the radio on the way to a nearby pond and the whole time I was swimming there I was humming the song LOL!

#5 “Bouncy House” by Recess Monkey This is a song about one of my favorite things! Bouncy houses! I love singing along and dancing to it!

#4 “Share A Story” by They Might Be Giants I’m sure a lot of you know this song because of the PBS Kids “Share A Story” segments where they’d play this song! I had no idea it was by They Might Be Giants until I heard it on Kids Place Live! I love it even more now knowing that they sing it!

#3 “I Think I’m A Bunny” by Todd McHatton This song makes me laugh and the monster singing it (Marvy Moonstone) is so cute!

#2 “7 8 9” by the Barenaked Ladies They have never played this song on Kids Place Live but I hope they start doing so because this is such a great song! It’s about the dastardly #7 eating #9 and what’s gonna have to happen now that 9 has been eaten!

#1 “Kitty Fight” by Joe McDermott I love this song so much it’s on my iPod! My favorite part is the “K to the I to the TTY” part!

Do you have any younger siblings? Do you like listening to their music? Why or why not?


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