“Identity Thief” Movie Review

Hey blog world! I had a great day today! Me and my friends L.B and E.M saw “Identity Thief” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqQg6Rlt6W4: I thought it was really funny! It’s about a man named Sandy Bigelow Patterson (played by Jason Bateman Jason Bateman (who is one of my favorite actors)) who gets his identity stolen by a woman in Florida named Diana (played by Melissa McCarthy Melissa) and he goes to Florida to track her down and once he does they go on a road trip to Denver so he can turn her in. It was a rated 14A film which meant that people under 14 couldn’t get in without a parent or legal guardien. I soon found out why. There was a lot of profanity (the F bomb was dropped several times), violence (people get shot) and some mild nudity. My favorite parts in the movie were when Diana was singing in the car and I also loved the part where a snake went up Sandy’s pants! I was really glad that the movie had a happy ending. I love it when movies end happily! I think that it was a hillarious movie with plenty of awesome action scenes as well! I give this a 10 outta 10!


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