What I Can’t Go Without

Hey blog world! A few weeks ago on Twitter #ICantGoOneDayWithOut was trending. I thought it would be a good idea to use for a blog post so today that’s what I’m gonna write about. Here are some things that I absolutely CANNOT go one day without!

  • Cranberry juice: It’s just not possible for me to go a day without it! I must drink at least 2 glasses a day!
  • Music: I can’t live without music! I love it too much!
  • Seeing my friends in the challenging needs classroom: This is something I can’t go one school day without! I eat recess and lunch with them each day and I love it! They make my day!
  • The computer: I blog, tweet, facebook and do lots of other stuff on the computer. It’s my favorite thing in the house! I spend a lot of time on it each day!
  • Watching “The Doctors”: It’s my favorite show and I make sure to never miss it! If it’s absolutely necessary to miss the show then I record it.
  • Popcorn: I have it every day for a snack. I like the extra buttery popcorn the best. I know it’s not the healthiest snack but it tastes good!
  • Making a joke/pun: There is never a day when I’m not funny! I can’t get through a day without telling a joke or making a pun! It’s impossible!
  • Singing: I love to sing! I do it pretty much everywhere! I don’t think there will ever be a day in my life I don’t sing!
  • Reading: I find some books really hard to put down! I read at least 2 chapters every day!
  • Playing with my Neice: She’s adorable and so much fun to hang out with!  I try to spend some time each day to play with her.

What can you not go a day without? Tell me in the comments!


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