My Favorite Famous Females

Hey blog world! Happy international womans day! In celebration I thought I’d post about my favorite female celebrities!

Martina McBride Martina: She’s pretty, has an amazing singing voice and wrote this super awesome song that I think should be the anthem of international womans day!

Nikki Payne Nikki: She is firetrucking hillarious! I saw her live twice (and both times I was in the front row) and laughed so much!

Betty White Betty White: She was my 2nd favorite Golden Girl (my favorite is Sophia) and now she hosts a really funny prank show called “Off Their Rockers” which prooves just how awesome she is!

Temple Grandin Temple Grandin: Temple is my hero! She’s an autistic person who invented a squeeze machine because she doesn’t like being touched but still needs the feel of a hug. Also she’s written several books and has a movie based on her life (which I highly reccommend you watch!)

Ellen DeGeneres Ellen: She’s really funny and I love her dance moves!

Michelle Obama Michelle Obama: She’s the first lady! She also has a charity called “Let’s Move” that helps kids to stay fit. One day I’d really like to shake her hand!

Bethany Hamilton Bethany Hamilton: Bethany Hamilton is known as the Soul Surfer! Her arm was bitten off by a tiger shark but she still continued to live life to the fullest and be a great surfer. She’s really inspiring!

Mia Talerico Mia Talerico: She plays Charlie Duncan on “Good Luck Charlie”. She’s adorable! She always makes me smile!

Karen Carpenter Karen: Unfortunately Karen is no longer with us. She died on Febuary 4th 1983 from heart faliure due to her anorexia :(. At least her beautiful voice can still be heard on CD’s, cassette tapes and YouTube. She was in the band The Carpenters with her brother Richard. I loved hearing her sing. It would always cheer me up! My favorite Carpenters song is “Please Mr Postman”

Reba McEntire  Reba McCentire: She’s one of my favorite female country singers! I saw her live 2 years ago and she was amazing! My favorite Reba song is “Fancy”

Who are your favorite female celebrities? Tell me in the comments!


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