Top 10 Favorite Very Special Episodes

Hey blog world! I found this photo gallery on the TV guide website It’s about 17 of their favorite Very Special Episodes. I wrote about very special episodes before and in case you forget what a very special episode is it’s when a TV show does an episode about an important issue like drugs, guns and eating dissorders for example. Today I thought I’d do what TV guide did and do a post on my favorite very special episodes! Instead of my top 17 favorites I’ll do my top 10 favorites.

#10 “The Bicycle Man” from “Diff’rent Strokes”: Part 1, part 2 Issue: Child predators. This was the very first episode of “Diff’rent Strokes” that I saw. It was when I was in grade 6 I think. Arnold and his family go to the bicycle shop of a family friend to return some bikes they rented and Arnold becomes good friends with the owner named Mr Horton. Soon Dudley gets thrown into the mix and things get a little too friendly. The boys are given wine, shown an X rated cartoon and play a shirtless game of Tarzan. It creeped me out but at least I learned something!

#9 “A New Leaf” from “Dinosaurs” Issue: Drug use. I didn’t know this one was a very special episode until Robbie’s talk at the end! My favorite part is when Earl’s boss Mr Richfield sings “Purple Haze”

#8 “No Sugar, Sugar” from “Hannah Montanna” Issue: Diabetes. In this episode Oliver gets diagnosed with diabetes and Traci invites him, Miley and Lilly to her candy themed birthday party. Because of his diagnoses and Miley and Lilly’s cluelessness about the disease they try and prevent him from eating anything at the party. In the end they both learn that it’s ok for him to eat sweets now and then and Oliver raps! That’s the best part!

#7 “Spud Buds” from “The Puzzle Place” Issue: Too much TV. In this episode while Skye parties it up with the piece police the others are all watching TV and becomming couch potatoes. Using confetti and presents Skye teaches them that there’s more to life than sitting on the couch and watching TV!

#6 “Be Prepared” from “That’s So Raven” Issue: Emergency preparedness. Sorry I couldn’t find the entire episode! In this episode the Boyz in Motion get hired by Donna Gabonna to do an emergency preparedness music video but thanks to Raven something (and I can’t quite remember what) happens and they break up. Thankfully at the end of the episode they get back together just in time to film the super awesome video!

#5 “The Great MacGrady” from “Arthur” Issue: Cancer. I love Miss MacGrady! She’s so cool! It sucked when she was diagnosed with cancer in this episode! I’m sure it must have sucked even more for the kids because since Miss MacGrady was sick she couldn’t go to work at the school so they had to hire a substitute chef. The food the substitute chef was making for them was probably not fit to eat. One of the things he made was green, bubbled and moved on it’s own!

#4 “Full Of Life” from “The Big Comfy Couch” Issue: Death. In this episode while cleaning out her couch Lunette learns about empty and full. They also befriend a catterpillar in Granny Garbonzo’s garden for about 5.2 seconds. It dies and Granny sings a super sad song and we also learn the meaning of the expression “Full of life”.

#3 “Ripped Pants” from “Spongebob Squarepants” Issue: Being yourself. Spongebob starts being something he’s not by ripping his pants all the time to get attention from everyone. He soon learns to be himself because that’s the way Sandy likes him. In this episode Spongebob and the other self proclaimed biggest loosers on the beach sing this awesome song!

#2 “Smart & Smarterer” from “The Suite Life Of Zach and Cody” Issue: Dyslexia. After getting bad grades Zach fakes dyslexia so he won’t have to study and will get extra time on his tests.

#1 “When Carl Met George” from “Arthur” Issue: Autism! This is my FAVORITE episode of “Arthur”! George meets a boiy named Carl who is Autistic just like me! He prefers his apple juice in a box not a bottle, knows everything there is to know about trains and is scared to death of George’s giraffe puppet named Wally Wally (he learns that the hard way when Carl has a breakdown when George shows him Wally.) I really like the way that the Brain explained Autism to George. This episode helped me understand myself a bit better!

What’s your favorite very special episode? Tell me in the comments!


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