Family Portrait

Hey blog world! The alphabet is super important! Without it I wouldn’t be able to write this blog post. The people at have issued a challenge to pick a letter of the alphabet (my letter of choice is X) and write a post without using that letter. challenge accepted My post will be about the family portraits that I got done yesterday. Mom won some kind of a random draw at Wal-Mart and her prize was a free photo session. Mom, Dad, my Neice and me got dressed up really fancy for the occasion. I wore my white, blue and purple flowery dress, leggings, my blue butterfly shawl and flats. I looked great! We got lots of solo and group photos taken and those went pretty well. Then the photographer asked me to sit on a stool and have Samantha sit on my lap. I was a bit nervous but thankfully I didn’t drop her. She was really heavy though. After a few pictures she started to hurt my legs LOL! At the end of the photo session we looked at all the photos and I think they looked really cool! Once we were done in the photo shop Mom let us go shopping for some other stuff! My headphones broke on Thursday so I had to get a new pair. I went to the electronics department to look for them and there were all sorts in every color of the rainbow! I found a pretty pink pair that I really liked and decided to get those! I also looked around to see if there was anything else that I wanted to get. I looked at the CD’s and there were lots of CD’s by artists I liked but it was really hard to decide what one to get. After a lot of thinking I finally decided on getting a Johnny Cash CD. My Neice was having the same dilemma. She couldn’t decide on what to get either. She eventually decided on getting a little kids songs CD because there were 12 songs on it that she liked. I read the songs on the back and I was thinking to myself “Dear God please don’t make me listen to this torture on the way home!” When we got in the car she talked my parents into playing it and I thought it would be absolute torture but I ended up liking it more than I thought I would. They were more upbeat versions with great beats. I was grooving along to them and even though I felt embarrassed to I sang along with “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt”. I had a great day yesterday! To end off my post I’m gonna challenge all of you to do the same! Pick a letter of the alphabet and write an entire blog post without using it! Good luck!


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