Yummy Gluten and Dairy Free Foods

Hey blog world! I think I’ve outgrown it now but I used to have an intolerance to gluten and milk protein so I couldn’t eat stuff with those things in them. Thanks to the health food aisles at Sobeys and Dominion I found some really yummy alternatives! Here are some of my favorite gluten free, soy and goat products!

Gluten free cinnamon donuts cinnamon donuts: These are absolutely to die for! They’re even better when dunked in goats milk! Yum yum!

So Delicious dairy free ice cream so delicious chocolate: You can’t taste the difference between this and regular ice cream. I like to eat this on it’s own and it tastes really good in milkshakes too!

Gluten free pretzels Gluten Free Pretzels: These are harder than regular pretzels but they’re still pretty good.

Goats milk Goat Milk: You can’t taste the difference between this and regular milk. I like drinking it on it’s own and I also like dunking stuff in it. My favorite things to dunk in goat milk are oreo cookies and gluten free cinnamon donuts!

Gluten free chocolate chip cookies Gluten Free Cookies:  These taste a bit different but they’re not bad. They’re really crunchy too.

Gluten free pancakes gluten free pancake: I loved having these for breakfast! They tasted great with maple syrup!

Goat cheese goat cheese: It’s really soft and creamy. It tastes really good in a grilled cheese sandwitch!

What’s your favorite gluten free, soy or dairy free food? Tell me in the comments!


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