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Hey blog world! I love it here in Newfoundland! There’s lots to do and lots of places to go! Today I’m gonna show you some of my favorite places to go in Newfoundland!

the Arts and Culture Center ACC: This is a theater. It’s got 6 locations in Newfoundland (St Johns, Gander, Grand Falls-Windsor, Corner Brook, Stephenville and Labradoor West). The one I go to is the one in St Johns. They have a wide variety of performances there. There are concerts, musicals, dance recitals and they even hold the Miss Teen pageant here. My favorite performance I’ve seen at the ACC is “Forever Young”. It was a tribute to Rod Stewart (which I’ve reviewed here. Check out the blog post “Forever Young” for info on that.) If you want more information on the Arts and Culture center visit

Wallnuts Climbing Center Wallnuts: This is an indoor rock climbing place. It’s lots of fun! There are lots of different walls to climb. Some are tall, some are short and some are on a slant! The slant ones are the hard ones! I’ve made it to the top of a lot of them! It was hard work but it was fun!

The Elaine Dobbin Center Elaine Dobbin: Also known as Shamrock Farm the Elaine Dobbin Center provides programs and resources for people with Autism like me! There are a wide variety of programs like music therapy and social thinking group, summer camps, a library filled with books and movies about Autism and there’s a restaurant located inside called The Pantry that raises money for Autism research. I’ve never eaten there but Mom says it’s good. They also have garden parties during the summer. Those are always lots of fun!

Mile 1 Center Mile 1: This is a skating rink and it also holds hockey games and concerts! Mile 1 is the home of the St John’s Ice Caps St John's IceCaps and also like I said there are a lot of concerts held here. Some people I’ve seen in concert at Mile 1 are Chris De Burgh, Reba McEntire, Jeff Dunham, Elton John and Charlie Pride.

Clay Café Clay Café: I haven’t been there in years but I had a lot of fun there! It’s a place where you can go and paint your own clay item. There are lots of things to choose from! I painted a piggy bank! It had lots of colors!

Bergs Ice Cream Bergs: Bergs is an ice cream parlour in CBS. I love going there! I remember when I was young every Sunday me and my parents would go shopping at yard sales and then go to Bergs for ice cream! My favorite kind there is the cotton candy! It’s delicious!

Chapters Chapters: Chapters is a bookstore that smells like coffee LOL! There’s a Starbucks inside so that’s why. I love spending my allowance here. There are lots of really great books to choose from. There are also board games and CD’s. My favorite books that I bought there were “Chrissa” and “Chrissa Stands Strong” by Mary Casanova. They were about a girl named Chrissa Maxwell who moved to Iowa to live on her Grandma’s llama farm and got bullied. The first one is kind of hard to explain but the 2nd one focused on cyber bullying. I learned a lot from those books and really enjoyed reading them.

Bowring Park: I couldn’t find a picture of this one online. It’s a beautiful park in St Johns that I love going to. There’s a playground, duck pond and even a swimming pool. There’s also a mini golf course there. I’m really good at it!

Bannerman Park Bannerman Park: This is another beautiful park in St Johns that I like going to. My favorite thing to do here is go to the Teddy Bear Picnic. It’s an anual outdoor Terry Rielly concert for kids and their teddy bears! It’s awesome!

Topsail Beach Topsail Beach: I love going to this beach. It’s a great spot for campfires. I also like skimming rocks there. The playground is also lots of fun.

The Works The Works: This is a gym and there’s also a Tim Hortons (TM) and a pool there called the Aquarena. The Aquarena is awesome! There’s a hot tub, waterslides and lots of pool toys! I used to go there fore one on one swimming lessons. I really enjoyed that. I also enjoyed going to the summer and easter camp offered by The Works called Camp Whatchamacallit. It was great! We’d go on field trips, we swam everyday, we made crafts, had talent shows and played sports! I loved it!

The Masonic Temple Masonic Temple: This is the new home of Spirit of Newfoundland spirit. Spirit of Newfoundland is a dinner theatre company. It’s directed by the multi talented (and very cute) Peter Halley Peter Halley! I’ve seen their Elvis show (“Viva Lost Elvis”) and their ABBA show (“ABBA Gotta Get The Scoop”.) They were both amazing! As was the food! Spirit of Newfoundland is a definate must see! You will not be dissappointed!

What’s your favorite place to go in Newfoundland? Tell me in the comments!

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