Healthy Commotion Day

Hey blog world! Today was healthy commotion day at my school. We did all kinds of physical activities today. We started off the day by having a yummy pancake breakfast. There were yummy chocolate chip pancakes and fruit! I had a pancake, some cantaloupe and a few strawberries. I couldn’t even finish the pancake because it was so big! It was really really yummy though. After eating my pancake I went up to the challenging needs classroom for a while to hang out with the kids in there. After a few minutes they went down to get their pancakes so I decided to go with them even though I’d already had a pancake. I sat down and talked with the kids while they ate their pancakes. I enjoyed that. After the breakfast we were split into teams and did a scavenger hunt. There were lots of things on the list. Some stuff we had to find, some stuff we had to get a picture with and some things we had to get a video of us doing! One of the things we had to take a video of our team doing was the Harlem Shake. I’d heard of it and seen a video of the Fine Bros doing it but I wasn’t sure how to do it. None of my team members wanted to so we left it out. After completing half of our list for some reason my team gave up. I sat for a while in the 2nd floor lobby unsure of what to do and then I saw my friends D.F and E.L.F from the challenging needs classroom walking by with one of the student assistants. They were doing their own scavenger hunt. I asked if I could tag along and help them find things and they said yes! The items that were left for them to find were a clothespin, scarf, paper plate with a face and a pink ribbon. That ribbon was a complete nuisance! It was the most difficult item to find! We looked on each floor several times and we couldn’t see one anywhere. Eventually we found one tied to a tree by the main enterance. After the scavenger hunt it was recess time. I had a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing. I made quite the mess with it LOL! I got a lot of crumbs on the table and floor. Me and my friend S.B swept them up. The next activity we did was a bunch of mini games in the hallway. There were 3 on each floor. On the first floor there was a tape throwing contest (the person who threw their tape farthest one), paper basketball (we crumpled up papers into balls and had to throw them into a recycling bin) and we didn’t have time to do the last activity on the first floor. On the 2nd floor there was a game called shockwave (we sat in a line and held eachothers wrists. If we felt someone squeeze our wrist we had to squeeze the next person. When it gets down to the last person they have to get up and run and grab the birdie before the other person), some kind of kangaroo game (we had to put a sponge ball between our knees and hop around and try and knock everyone else’s ball out from between their knees. The last player left with their ball one) and a long jump competition. On the 3rd floor there was a wall sit contest (which I found quite painful), a clothes relay and a rock paper scissors game (we had to do whatever was written on one of the chairs in the library and once that was done we had to do rock paper scissors with someone else and if we won we’d move on to what was on the next chair and if we lost we had to do the same thing again and the first person  to complete all the activities won). They were all really fun (accept the wall sits). Then we had to go into the gym and play dodgeball. I really didn’t like that. Both times I got out! When dodgeball was over it was time for lunch! I had a macaroni salad. When I was done my lunch I read to D.F (I read her “Arthur’s Tooth”) and we drew pictures together. I had lots of fun doing that! To end off the day we got to watch students play volleyball against the teachers. I’m not quite sure who won. What I am sure of is that a lot of people kept falling! It was funny to watch. Have you ever had a healthy commotion day in your school? What did you do? Tell me in the comments!

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