Thailand Trip

Hey blog world! I’m in the Grand Thai resort in Thailand. The reason why I’m here is because my sister is getting married there so the whole family went! The trip started on Tuesday. We woke up really early to catch our flight. The early rise must have mesed with my mind because it was wandering a lot. I had “Carry On” by Fun stuck in my head the whole time LOL! That flight was about 4 hours. There were no TV’s on the plane so I had to use the stuff that I brought with me. I did some fill ins and crosswords and watched “Hee Haw”. When we landed we were in Newark. Once we were through security and customs and all that we went to get something to eat. We ate at a restaurant called Smash Burger. I had never heard of it before but it seemed interesting so I decided to try it. I had a classic smash burger with no smash sauce (it was ketchup, mayo, olive oil and something else and that sounded disgusting so I didn’t want any). It was really yummy! Once we’d eaten we sat down for a while and we waited to board. We had a very very long wait. 8 hours I think. I used my iPod touch, watched CNN (cause that was the station they had turned on on the TV in the airport) and did a few more fill ins. The time went by really slowly and I got a bit bored but was glad when it was finally time to board. This plane ride was 8 hours. There was a TV on it so that made me happy! There was lots to watch! I watched “Phineas and Ferb”, “Diners Drive-Ins and Dives”, “Dodgeball” and “Rock Of Ages”. It was my first ime seeing “Dodgeball” and I thought it was really really funny! My favorite part was when Patches O’Hoolihan (a dodgeball pro who coached the Average Joes dodgeball team) said “If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball” then started throwing wrenches LOL! I also listened to music. Mostly Country. They had a lot of great country music to choose from. There were I think maybe 16 albums. I listened to Brad Paisley,Toby Keith, Carrie Underwood, Glen Campbell and I can’t remember who else. When the plane landed we were in San Francisco. We spent the night there in a Holiday Inn. The room was really nice. The beds were super cozy! I had a hard time getting out of mine LOL! That morning we took a shuttle bus to the airport. It was fun! When we got there we had breakfast. I forget what the name of the place was but it was a nice little cafe. I had a bagel with cream cheese and some orange juice. I also bought a red delicious apple to take with me on the plane. After breakfast we sat down and waited to board. While we were sat down we met a really nice couple named TJ and Mitsu. They were on their way to Narita just like us. I can’t remember what part she said she was from but Mitsu is from Japan! Dad and I thought that was cool! The flight from San Francisco to Narita was a whopping 10 hours! Thankfully there was a TV on this flight. Unfortunately we couldn’t pick what we watched. The flight attendants put stuf on for us. Nothing of interest to me was shown. They first put on “Quartet” the new movie directed by Dustin Hoffman. They also showed “Playing For Keeps” and some other stuff too. I stuck to what I brought with me. I watched some episodes of “The Andy Griffith Show” to pass the time. I also listened to the radio that was on the plane. They had a lot of cool stations! The United Airlines people must LOVE the Hollies because I counted 3 Hollies songs that were played during the flight! Since this flight was 10 hours we got Dinner and Supper and also a snack. For dinner we had the choice of beef or chicken. I had the beef. It was good! It came with a brownie and also a pecan cookie. I liked the brownie but not the cookie. For supper we could choose either stir fry or a turkey sandwitch.I had the stir fry. It wasn’t very good. It came with a few dumplings. They weren’t bad but they weren’t good either. Also I got a raspberry shortbread cookie and bag of kettle chips. I liked the chips but not the cookie. For our snack we got a bag of barbecue chips, a kit kat bar and something else. I forget what it was LOL! When we arrived in the airport the first thing we did was go to the bathroom. The toilets are very confusing! There are a lot of buttons! I didn’t press any because I was a fraid I might screw something up. While in the Narita airport we went to a McDonalds there. There was a big language barrier so it was hard for us to order. The only words I know in Japanese are Conichiwa (which means hello) and Domo Arigato (which means thank you very much) (I can’t remember where I learned Conichiwa but I learned Domo Arigato from the Styx song “Mr Roboto”!) We tried ordering me a McFlurry and everyone else got a sundae. At first wen I tried ordering my McFlurry she said that they had was an oreo one with japanese green tea ice cream. I didn’t want that so I was going to order a sundae like everyone else but then she said they had vanilla so I got that. It tasted a bit different from the vanilla we have at home but I liked it. This flight was a long one! 6 hours! Thankfully this plane also had movies! I looked through them and found “Wayne’s World” (insert angelic music here!) I felt so so so so so so happy! It’s one of my favorite movies! I’d seen it at least a million times and it never gets old! It’s hillarious! After “Wayne’s World” I looked around some more and I found “Horrible Bosses”. I’m a total sucker for anything with Jason Bateman so I turned it on. The totally suckish thing was that I fell asleep right in the middle! I woke up at the last 5 minutes! I was really not happy with that! Next I saw “Matilda”. It’s such a classic movie and I couldn’t even remember the last time that I watched it. Even now that I’m a teenager Mrs Trunchbull Miss Trunchbull still scares the heck out of me! Next I watched “Parental Guidance”. It was really funny! Especially when the youngest kid (spoiler alert) whizzed on a half pipe and made Tony Hawk slip LOL! I wanted to watch “Marry Poppins” too but there wasn’t enough time. Oh well! When the plane landed we were finally in Bangkok. It was extremely hot! So hot in fact I could smell the heat! When we got into our hotel we found out that our travel agent screwed us up! We wanted a room for 4 but the agent accidentaly booked us a room for 2! There was only 1 bed! We had to ask the staff for another one. They brought in a small cot LOL! We stuck Dad with it and Mom and my Neice and I shared the bed. The next morning we had a buffet breakfast in the hotel. There was lots of yummy stuff to eat! Fruit, rice, bacon, croissants, toast and lots of other yummy stuff. The only thing that I wasn’t pleased with was the orange juice! It was neon orange and way too sickly sweet! I had a cup of tea instead. The flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui wasn’t too bad. It was just about an hour. I thought that the Bangkok airlines people were really creative because the safety demonstration was a music video! That was awesome! I think all airlines should do that! We were served a meal and it wasn’t very good. It was a black olive, coleslaw, fruit, a bun and some weird mystery meat. I only had the olive. I tried the meat and it wasn’t very good. Neither was the bun. I don’t like coleslaw so I didn’t eat that. I tried watching an episode of “The Andy Griffith Show” but I couldn’t finish it because we landed. Oh well! When we arrived in the Koh Samui airport I was really impressed. It was a beautiful building with a thatched roof and not too many walls. There were beautiful flowers and trees everywhere! It was really hot though! When we saw my Sister I was really happy! I hadn’t seen her in a really long time! I also got to meet her husband for the first time in real life (we’d only met on skype. Never in person.) He looked cute on the computer screen but he looked even cuter in person! He’s also really nice. My sister is lucky to be marrying him! After we unpacked our things we met up with some of my sisters friends and had a few drinks. Since I’m not legal drinking age I tried drinking from a coconut. The coconut water wasn’t very good. I ate the white stuff on the inside of the top but I didn’t drink the rest of the water. I got a bottle of water instead. After we had our drinks we went to the beach. It was really nice there. We were getting hungry so we went out to eat at a restaurant. I ordered some rice and beef. It took 2 hours to arrive! We were extremely fed up! We absolutely did not tip our waiter! After the horrible beach restaurant experience we went to Cha Wang (I think that’s how yoiu spell it) and did some shopping! There was lots of cool stuff! I bought a sunhat, a dress and a few souvenirs! I got to try haggling while I was there and it was fun! I got some really really great deals! Then me, Mom, Dad, my Neice, my sister and her husband to be went out for supper. We went to a really nice Italian place. Everyone accept my sister ordered pizza (she had some kind of fried vegetable dish with noodles.) The piza was really hard to cut! My sisters husband to be had to do it for me LOL! Me and my Neice ordered a sundae for desert. My Neice wanted strawberry and I wanted vanilla so they gave us a scoop of each. The vanilla was french vanilla. It wasn’t very good. I tried some of my Neice’s strawberry and I didn’t like it. Neither did she. Then when we went back to our hotel Mom told us we could go for a swim so we did! We had fun. That is until I read the rules and noticed that it said that the pool closed at 8:00 and it was past that at the time! Oopsies! Speaking of the rule board #3 was really funny. It said “fine for not wear swimming pool is 1000 baht”! LOL! I wanted to try and watch “Scrubs” before bed but I was dropping tired from all the flying and swiming and whatnot so I hit the sack. The bed was really comfy! Yesterday we got to have another buffet breakfast at our hotel. This one had lots of yummy stuff! There was fruit, noodles, croissants, bacon, saussages and lots of other stuff. I liked the tea, croissants, pancakes and toast and that was about it! After breakfast we split up and had a stag and stagette. The men went to a shooting range and a muai thai fight and the girls went to a cooking class and to the spa. Mom, my Neice and me missed the cooking class because none of the taxi drivers knew where the place we neded to go was! We stayed at the pool and swam. We had fun doing that! Then we grabed a taxi to the Silvadee spa and resort. Before our appontments we were given some kind of berry flavored ice tea. It was pomegranate. I didn’t really like it. The adults were all going to get a 3 hour package with manicures, pedicures, a facial and massage but I decided just to get a facial and manicure and pedicure. The facial was really relaxing. It made my cheeks burn a little bit but I enjoyed myself. When I got my manicure and pedicure I decided to pick a color for my fingers that would match my dress so I went with a really pretty pink. For my toes I wanted a color that would go nicely with the pink so I chose a really nice light blue color. I think they go really well together! It was getting kinda late after we’d finshed at the spa so we decided to go to one of the bridesmaids’s hotels and get some drinks and something to eat. They had a pool there so me and my Neice went for a swim while we waited for our food. My Neice isn’t a very good swimmer so she stayed in the shallow end for a bit. It was extremely shalow and tiny! We played catch in there for a while then we went to the hot tub. It was a bit deeper than the shallow end but it was still ok for my Neice.  When the food came we thought it was really yummy! I ordered spaghetti and meatballs and my Neice ordered piza and my Mom ordered salmon. Mom’s food took a really long time to get there but when it finally did I tried some and thought it tasted great! For desert I had a brownie. It was delicious! Then we went back to the hotel and while flipping stations Mom found an English one called “KidsCo”. It’s a station just for kids! We watched “Sonic the Hedgehog” and “Tales From the Cryptkeeper”! This morning when we went down for Breakfast there were a few new options at the buffet. There was dragon fruit which I had never tried before and also there  were some potatoes. I liked the potatoes but I didn’t really like the dragon fruit. Today my Sister had planned for all of us to go to the resort where she and her husband to be would get married to have some cocktails by the pool. I was going to have my first “mocktail” (a non alcoholic (or virgin as the bartenders call it) cocktail) but while I was going for a swim Mom told me that last night something terrible had happened. Mom and my Neice and I went home last night after our meal but the other girls stayed out and partied. On the way home one of the Bridesmaids named Sweeyen (I don’t know if I spelled it right) was struck by a car. She’s dead :(. I still can’t believe that just yesterday we were talking to eachother and I was starting to like her and now she’s gone! All things happen for a reason Mom says. She said that God must have decided it was her time to go. It really put a damper on things. I got out of the pool and talked to Mom about what happened for a bit and when I was finally calmed down and ready to swim again I got back into the pool. Dad went out and bought me and My Neice 2 inner tubes and a beach ball to play with. I had grave difficulty using the inner tube LOL! I couldn’t figure out how to steer! After a few minutes Mom and Dad got into the pool with me and my Neice and we all played catch. That was fun! When we were done Mom told me to get a shower. Instead of having just a regular shower the only thing they had was one of those wheelchair ones Wheelchair Shower. Using it wasn’t as easy as I thought it was! Later we went to a really yummy grill restaurant to eat. I knew I wanted steak but there were so many to choose from and I found it really hard! I eventually decided upon ordering an Australian ribeye steak. It was delicious! It came with some french fries and also some vegetables in what tasted like an alfredo sauce. I had a glass of cranberry juice to drink. I hadn’t had cranberry juice since I’d arrived in Thailand and when I saw it on the menu I was really happy. It tasted different from the kind we have at home but I liked it. I also tried one of the ribs that my Parents ordered and thought they were delicious as well! At the end of the meal I was totally stuffed! When we left the restaurant we did some shopping. We went to lots of different stores and found lots of different things. My favorite one that we went to today was a jewelry store. There were lots of pretty things there. I bought a purple flower hairclip for myself and a bracelet for one of my friends. While in there I saw a really funny sign that said “Your Husband called. He said buy whatever you want!” LOL! After going to about 5 or 6 shops I was getting tired and thirsty so I asked to stop into a 7-11 and get a drink and maybe an ice cream. When we got there there were lots of things to choose from. The juices they had there were not at all like the ones at home. There was mandarin orange juice and some other weird ones as well. I got a water. Also I got a chocolate ice cream and a bag of sour cream and onion lays chips. When I got back to the hotel a few minutes ago and tried the ice cream I liked it. The chips tasted different than the ones from home but I liked them. Now I’m sitting on my bed with my Neice and we’re watching “Tales From The Crypt Keeper”. We’ve got a big day tomorrow! We’re going elephant riding! I’ll blog about that tomorrow when I get back! Bye for now blog world!



Remembering Buck

Hey blog world! 7 years ago today the world lost a great Country musician. Buck Owens Buck. On March 24th 2007 he was going to play a concert at the Buck Owens Crystal Palace. He came to the venue early and had his favorite meal. Chicken fried steak. Afterward he didn’t feel well so he told his bandmates he was going to cancel the show. As he was getting ready to leave he saw some of his fans that said they came all the way from Oregon to see him perform. He didn’t want to let them down so he played the show. That night he died in his sleep. I think he went out pretty well. He played a show, had his favorite meal and died in his sleep. Not a bad way to leave the earth if you ask me. I’m a big fan of his. His music was great! He wrote really awesome fast songs like “Sam’s Place” and also he wrote some really pretty slow ones like “Together Again” Out of all of his songs my favorite is “Think Of Me” Not only was he a singer, he was also on TV. He and Roy ClarkRoy hosted the TV show “Hee Haw”. Buck also sang and participated in the skits. My favorite thing that Buck did on “Hee Haw” was called “Picking and Grinning”. It was a segment where Buck and Roy would play music together (Roy would play the banjo and Buck would play the guitar) and in between they’d tell jokes. Heres one of the “Picking and Grinning” segments of the show It’s really too bad that he’s gone. At least him and his music are able to live on through DVD, and radio! R.I.P Buck :(!

Day Out

Hey blog world! I had a really fun day today! I was really busy! To start off I went to Social Thinking group. I had a question to ask one of the employees of the centre (where social thinking takes place) so me and one of the leaders went over to the other part of the building so I could ask her. Sure enough she was there! The question I had to ask was if I could borrow her banana costume. I needed it for drama class at school since I’m going to do a dance to “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” She let me keep the costume! I thought that was so nice of her! When the other girls in the group arrived we got to watch “Sky High”Sky High, then we played “Twister”. The other girls in the group were saying that they were in pain so we switched to “The Logo Board Game”. After a few minutes of playing that one of the girls parents arrived so we stopped. Then another girls parents arrived so me and one of the volunteers took out “The Game Of Life” to play. Just as we had gotten the game set up my Aunt arrived(Mom had a hair appointment so I stayed with my Aunt until she was done.) That was the shortest game of life I’d ever played LOL! We went to Pipers and I did some shopping for her. When I got in there I saw someone who looked like Anderson Cooper Anderson Cooper LOL! They had a sale on canned peaches and I was told to get 8 cans. I didn’t read what was on the cans. I just looked at the pictures because I thought I’d be able to tell. I was wrong! I got to the checkout and just to be sure I asked the cashier if I had gotten the canned peaches that were on sale and she told me that I had apricots! Oops! After I was done the shopping me and my Aunt went to Wendy’s for diner! Yum yum! Then we went back to her house. My other Aunt came for a visit and she brought Tims. She had a coffee for herself and my Aunt and she’d bought a hot chocolate for my Grandpa but he went upstairs to take a nap so she gave it to me! That was awesome! When Mom arrived we had a lot of shopping to do. First we went to Previously Loved which is a thrift store. We went there to get some shorts and capris for our trip to Thailand in 3 days! I ran into one of my teachers and friends from bowling there. It was so nice to see them! I found lots of shorts, capris and shirts that I liked and decided to buy and while I was looking at the CD’s I found something that brought back loads of memories from my Childhood. It was a Jaquot CDJacquot! Jacquot is a French Canadian singer from Quebec who writes French songs for kids. We listened to a lot of his music in grade 2 and he even did a concert at my school! I loved his music! I was thrilled to see this CD today! I didn’t buy it though. When we were finished at Previously Loved Mom and I went to Wal-Mart to get some more stuff. We looked around the clothing aisle to find me a new baithing suit because I only had 1 that fit. It took a while but we finally found one. Then Mom went around getting some more stuff we needed. Since we were going to be in Thailand over Easter and we can’t take food on the plane (I don’t know why we can’t) Mom picked up a bunch of Easter eggs for me and my Neice to find when we get home. Also since the Easter Bunny always leaves a few presents for us Mom let me get the classic country karaoke CD that I saw in the store and asked for but the unfortunate part was she said that it was going to be my Easter gift and that I had to wait til then to get it! Thankfully all the Easter stuff is going to Nan and Pop’s so I won’t be tempted to open it up early and use it! Our final stop was the Avalon Mall. Mom had ordered an engraved high heel shaped bottle opener as a wedding gift for my Sister so we went to pick that up first. She asked the employee at the engraving store to put “Newfie Diva” on it LOL! Once we had gotten the shoe we went looking for adapters to use to charge our electronics. We need those adapters because the electricity is different in Thailand and the voltage isn’t the same here so we need to use an adapter. We we went to 3 different stores but couldn’t find one! Oh well! Then we went to the Newfie store to get a special Newfoundland present for my Sister since she misses home. We got her 2 things. A cookbook and I forget what the other thing was LOL! After we had bought Crista’s presents at the Newfie store we finally got back into the car and went home! It was a long tiring day but I had a lot of fun! What kinds of things do you like going shopping for? Tell me in the comments!

Three Stooges Movie Review

Hey blog world! I serve at my Church and sometimes the Reverand will hold special hangout nights for the servers. Tonight was one of those nights! We got Dominos pizza and watched a movie. “The Hobbit” was the general consensus (that means most people voted for it) but some of us (I was one) didn’t want to watch it so instead we went to Netflix and watched “The Three Stooges” The Three Stooges. It was really funny! It was about the 3 Stooges named Larry, Curly and Moe. They were packed into a duffle bag and left at an orphanidge when they were babies. They spent their entire lives there! Moe was adopted once but he wouldn’t leave without Curly and Larry and the parents didn’t want 3 kids so they took him back and adopted someone else! Later in the movie when the Stooges are fully grown they learn that the orphanidge is running out of money and that it’s going to close down. What’s worse is that one of the kids that the Stooges are really good friends with named Merv is really sick! They decide to go out and get all the money that the orphanidge needs. Slapstick hillarity quickly ensues! My favorite part of the movie was when Larry and Moe dress in drag! I won’t spoil the ending but I really liked that too! It was a happy one and I love when movies end happily! At the end of the movie I expected the credits to roll and that would be it but there was more! 2 of the people that made the movie had a little safety message for us. They showed us that the hammer and sledgehammer that Moe hit Larry and Curly with in the movie were rubber and no one really got hurt. They also showed us how Moe made it look like he’d poked Larry in the eye. They told us not to poke people in the eye or try anything we saw in the movie. I thought it was a good idea to do that! Have you seen this movie? Tell me what your favorite part was in the comments!

Music Of My Childhood

Hey blog world! Today my Neice had a doctors appointment and I decided to tag along since I needed to get my glasses fixed (I dropped them this morning accidentaly and the lenses are coming out.) The radio in the office is always on my favorite radio station Coast 101.1. That station made me really happy today! The reason why was because the radio announcers (I’m pretty sure at the time it was Nathan and Carolyn) played “Follow Me” by Uncle Kracker I hadn’t heard it in years! I LOVED that song when I was little! I knew all the words (I still do) and I sang it for an audition once and got the part! It brought back so many memories and made me extremely happy! It also gave me the idea for this blog post. I’m gonna show you some more musical gems from my Childhood!

“It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy I was a really big Shaggy fan when I was young! My Sister and I had 1 of his CD’s and we loved listening to it! This was my favorite song on it!

“Angel” by Shaggy This was my 2nd favorite Shaggy song! The chorus (which I didn’t realize until now has the same tune as the chorus of “Angel Of The Morning” is my favorite part!

“You May Be Right” by Billy Joel This was my jam when I was a kid! I’d rock out to this song whenever I heard it! I remember I even sang it in the grocery store once! A cashier even joined in LOL!

“Country Roads” by John Denver Dad would sing this to me before bed when I was younger. He’d play it in the car for me all the time too.

“Patricia The Stripper” by Chris De Burgh Dad had a Chris De Burgh tape in his car (Which I thought was lost but was thrilled to find in a cabinet in the hallway) and he’d play it for me sometimes. This was my favorite song on it! To this day I still love that song!

“Bad Bad Leroy Brown” by Jim Croce When I was younger I pictured Leroy as Mr Noodles Brother Mr Noodle Mr Noodle's Brother Mr Noodle LOL!

“If Anything Happened To You” by the Ennis Sisters My Dad sang this to me all the time when I was younger! I loved it!

The “Angela Anaconda” theme song “Angela Anaconda” was one of my favorite shows when I was younger. I’d go around singing the theme song all the time! I even tried to teach it to my Mom (it didn’t work.)

What are some of your favorite songs from when you were little? Tell me in the comments!

If I Had A Million Dollars

Hey blog world! Today on their Facebook page Sirius XM’s Kids Place Live radio station (channel 78) asked what we’d do if we had a million dollars. The only catch was that we couldn’t spend it on ourselves. I thought the answer was extremely easy. I’d split the money between 2 charities. I’d give one half to the Janeway janeway logo and the other half would go to Ronald McDonald house RMHNL. Located just 5 minutes from the Janeway the Ronald McDonald house is a home away from home for out of province families whose Children have to be treated at the Janeway. I chose to give half to the Janeway because it’s like my 2nd home. I’m there a whole lot (thankfully not as an in patient). They’ve helped me out so much and I want to help them! I chose to give the other half to the Ronald McDonald house because though I’ve never stayed there I think it’s an amazing charity that does great things for the kids in this province and it deserves the money! If you had a million bucks (which you can’t spend on yourself) what would you do with the cash? Tell me in the comments!

My Favorite YouTube Videos Part 2

Hey blog world! Here are some more of my favorite YouTube videos! For part one please see “My Favorite YouTube Videos”!

“Scrubs – Todd Streaking” This is a clip from an episode of “Scrubs”. J.D told Turk that he was so sure that Carla would say yes to Turk when he proposed that if she didn’t he would power walk naked through the hospital singing “Me and Bobby McGee”. Carla said she’d think about it so J.D had to. He didn’t want to so he paid Todd to do it and hillarity ensues!

“Insane Foreign Food Test” In this Smosh video Ian tries a bunch of different multicultural food sent into him from fans and rates it from 1 to 10 on the “Ian’s Foreign Food (Possibly Gonna Kill Me) Scale(TM)”!

“Gerry Dee Crashes Kids Day Camp” This was a hidden camera experiment done by Dempsters. Gerry Dee was a camp councellor for a day and when it was snack time he’d made the kids sandwitches but instead of using bread he used vegetables like eggplants and such because they had all the same nutrients. He wanted to see weather the kids would eat it or ask for bread instead. They wanted the bread.

“Doggie Dentures” This is a pedigree commercial. It’s so cute! It’s also really funny!

“Bohemian Rhapsody On The Way To School” The father in this video plays this song for his kids every day on the way to school and they know every word! This rates as a 10 out of 10 on my epic parenting scale!

“All I Want For Christmas Is You (Scrooge 2012 Cast – Peter MacDonald Productions)” The cast of the 2012 production of “Scrooge” made their own music video for “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. It’s super awesome!

“Vicodin Land” This is what happened when one of my favorite comedians (Bill Engvall) had a hernia, was perscribed Vicodin and went on vacation with his family!

“Match Game: Buck Gives Away The Answer” This is from an episode of “Match Game”. Gene Rayburn (the host) asked a question and by accident Country star Buck Owens accidentaly revealed his answer a little too quickly.

“Queasy Doctor” (Viewer discretion is advised for queasy people). This is a comedy sketch with Bill Engvall and Jeff Foxworthy. In it Bill plays a doctor who is really queasy. It’s kinda gross cause he pukes a lot but other than that it’s relaly funny!

“Campaign For Nursings Future – Pediatric Nurses” This is an ad by Johnson & Johnson recognising pediatric nurses and how helpful they are. I can’t help but sing along with the murse (male nurse) and little girl whenever I see this ad!

“Adventures In Parent Sitting” A challenge was issued by Absolutely Mindy from Sirius XM’s Kids Place Live for kids to push their parents in grocery carts. This is a video of parents and their kid doing this challenge.

“Easy Bake Oven Chef” In this video Ian from Smosh makes stuff in an Easy Bake Oven!

“The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger” This is a national geographic program narrated hillariously by a guy named Randal!

“Sha Na Na The Three Bells” In this clip from their very old TV show the band Sha Na Na sings “The Three Bells” (which was originally written and recorded by The Browns)

“I Love My B-I-B-L-E” This very catchy songs tells us all the books in the bible!

“Share It Maybe” This is Cookie Monsters parody of “Call Me Maybe”

“They’re All Gonna Know” This song which was recorded by the Shalloway choir was last years Janeway Telethon theme song! Also you can purchase the song on iTunes and all the proceeds go towards the Janeway!

“ASNL Summer 2011” I’m in this one! See if you can find me!

“Banana Potato Song” You’ve probably seen this in theatres because it’s a promo for “Despicable Me 2”! The Minions sing “Barbara Ann” by the Beach Boys in their language!

“Toxic Toys” This is a funny song from “Royal Canadian Air Farce”

“Nickleback Spoof” This is another Air Farce video. In this one they make fun of Nickleback!

“Davy Jones’s Locker” This is from the Spongebob episode “Spongebob VS The Big One”. In it we find out that Davy Jones’s locker belongs to the Monkee Davy Jones!

“Just Don’t Hurt Me” This is a really funny song by a comedian named Otis Lee Crenshaw.

What are your favorite YouTube video’s? Tell me in the comments!