“Arthur” Books

Hey blog world! I eat my recess and lunch in the challenging needs classroom every day. Sometimes when I’m finished I read to my friend D.F. I let her pick the book. She always goes for an “Arthur” story! I hadn’t read an “Arthur” book in years and am glad I get to read them to her! I will never stop loving “Arthur”! He’s just too awesome! She loves “Arthurs Christmas” (she calls it “Artur Christmas”) Arthur's Christmas and “Arthur’s Tooth” Arthur's Tooth. Those are both great books but my favorite “Arthur” book is “Arthur’s First Sleepover” Arthur's First Sleepover. My favorite part of this book is when Arthur, Buster and the Brain hear scary noises coming from outside their tent so they start to run. Instead of running out of the tent they run while still inside the tent and because they’re in the tent and can’t see where they’re going they run into a tree LOL! I also really like “Arthur’s Chicken Pox” Arthur's Chicken Pox. My favorite part of that one is when D.W uses pink marker to give herself fake chicken pox! I’m not sure who D.F’s favorite character is but mine is definately D.W! She’s really really funny! I like baby Kate too. I think she’s cute! I wonder if Marc Brown will ever write some new “Arthur” books for me and D.F to read together? I think that even though it focusses on George he should turn my favorite episode of the “Arthur” TV show called “When Carl Met George” (that episode was about Autism) into a book! What’s your favorite “Arthur” book? Tell me in the comments!

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