The Show Must Go On

Hey blog world! I just got back from seeing “The Show Must Go On” at the Arts and Culture Center. It was a tribute to Queen! It was a performance by Kelly-Ann Evans. She’s a big ball of energy and I love seeing her shows! The show tonight was amazing! All that was running through my head was “Toto we’re not in Newfoundland anymore”. I felt like I was watching a broadway performance! It was that good! She opened up with “Radio Gaga” During that song she waved at me and blew me a kiss! I was so happy she remembered who I was! Kelly wasn’t the only person in tonight’s show. Don Coady and Steve Power (who were both in Forever Young) were in it with her! Steve (who by the way I think is kinda cute) did an excellent job tonight! I loved it when he played the guitar and sang “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” Don was awesome tonight as well. His duet of “Hammer To Fall” with Kelly-Ann was really good! Also QVE (Quintessential Vocal Ensemble) was in the show as well. They did lots of songs. Out of all of them my favorite was “Bicycle Race” They sang that song with Kelly Ann. The really cool thing was that Kelly Ann sang this song while riding on a bike! I was a bit afraid because she wasn’t wearing a helmet and also she went close to the edge of the stage a few times. I was nervous she may fall off but thankfully she didn’t! One of my favorite songs by Quen is “Bohemian Rhapsody” and since it’s one of their most popular songs I was certain they’d do it but by the time the show ended they didn’t. I was a bit dissappointed but then Kelly-Ann asked if we wanted her to do one more song and we all said yes so she sat at the piano and she and Steve and Don sang “Bohemian Rhapsody”. It was a great way to end off the show! Afterwards I talked to Kelly-Ann for a while. got a hug from her and got a picture. I also gave her the homemade Valentine that I made for her (I made one for her and Steve and Don.) She really liked it. I wanted to see Don and Steve too so I could give them their Valentines so I asked Kelly-Ann if she knew if they were gonna stick around. She said she was not sure but I could go backstage and see if they were still there! That was so nice of her! I ran backstage and there they both were! Don gave me a big hug! He too remembered me! He and I talked for a while also and I gave him his Valentine. He liked it! When I saw Steve I asked him for an autograph and a picture which he gladly gave! We posed for a picture together and he signed my Autograph book. When he opened it he was like “Holy God! How many do you have in here?” Then I stared listing off some of the people that I had (Elton John, Alice Cooper, the Ice Capps). Steve went to the very last page in my atugraph book, signed it and said “Now your lifes complete. You’ve got Elton John and me!” When I gave him his Valentine he said it was cute! That made me happy! I had such a great time at the show tonight and hope to get to see Kelly-Ann perform again soon! Were you there tonight? Tell me what your favorite part was in the comments!

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