Hey blog world! Today was a great day! Mom, Dad, my Neice and me went to the Clovelly golf course for a Special Olympics event. It was a brunch! We were there because my Dad and I were both asked to give a speech. When we sat at our table I looked at the program they had provided and found a bio of me in it! They wrote a little paragraph about me and put my picture next to it! I thought that was cool! I also saw Andy Newmans Andy Newman name in there. He was going to be the emcee for the event! I hadn’t seen him in a long time and was glad I’d get to see him again! While we waited for the meal to start Dad and I were asked to do an interview for CBC! the interviewer asked me what sport I played, what I liked about it and stuff. She also had a few questions for Dad. A few minutes later we were asked to do another interview! This one was gonna be for NTV. Jodi Cooke did my interview. I was asked a lot of the same questions. Near the end of the interview I was asked to tell her something about myself that I hadn’t already told her. I said that I was a singer and my favorite artist was Rod Stewart! I was hoping she’d ask me to sing but she didn’t. Oh well! The brunch they served at the event was delicious! They had a buffet. There were lots of yummy things to choose from! Bacon, potatoes, fish cakes, croissants, fruit, saussages and lots of other yummy things! I liked the potatoes the best! After our meal Andy introduced me and I went up and did my speech. I talked about what Special Olympics meant to me and what I liked about it and such. Everyone really enjoyed it! I got a few laughs when I said that my favorite costume I wore to the Halloween dance that we have every year was Elle Woods! At the end of my speech I got a standing ovation! That made me feel happy! When Dad spoke there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! I was really proud of him! I’m sure he was proud of me too. I wasn’t expecting anything in return for doing my speech but when the event was almost over I was called back up to the stage and was presented with a lovely pink gift bag. When I got back to my table and opened it up I found a $100 Indigo gift card! I was really surprised! I can definately buy a lot of eBooks with that! It was so thoughtful of the event organisers to give that to me. As we were leaving every one was stopping me to shake my hand and tell me how good they thought my speech was. All the compliments made me smile and feel really good inside! I was so glad I had the opportunity to speak in front of all those people today! Have you ever had to give a speech? Did you like it? Tell me in the comments!


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