Hey blog world! I went to the daily post website ( again today for some inspiration for a blog post. Today’s daily post was called Seconds. I have to write about the best meal I ever ate in glorious detail. The best meal that I ever ate was the all american BBQ feast for 2 at Famous Daves in NYC. When me, Mom and my 2 Cousins went to NYC we decided to stop in there for supper one day. It was an awesome! It was a humongeous meal of ribs, corn, cornbread, chicken, steak, beans and I can’t even remember what else! It was a massive amount of food but it was all delicious (accept for the corn bread.) The best part was definately the ribs! The meal was delicious but there was so much and none of us could eat it al! We took a lot of leftovers back to the hotel! If your ever in NYC I strongly reccommend going there and getting the all american BBQ feast for 2. Be sure to bring your appetite! What’s the best thing you ever ate? Tell me in the comments!


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