My Favorite YouTube Channels

Hey blog world! I go on a lot to watch videos! Just like on the TV YouTube has channels. A channel is where a YouTuber posts their videos so we can all watch them! Here are some of my favorite channels on YouTube that I think you should all subscribe to!

Soul Pancake: Soul Pancake is the creater of Kid President KP! His video’s make me laugh and they also make me want to dance! Here’s one of his videos!

The Fine Bros: benny and rafi: These guys have a bunch of react series. There’s kids, teens, elders and YouTubers. My favorite is definately the elders. In Elders react (that’s the name of the react series with the elders) they show the elders a video (“Gangnam Style” for example) and then they’re asked questions about it. It’s really entertaining and quite funny! My favorite elder on the show is Rock Rock and my favorite “Elders React” video is this one!

Smosh Games: I love Smosh! They’ve got 3 channels on YouTube I think (but I’m not sure) and Smosh Games is my favorite one! I like watching Gametime With Smosh and Smosh Game Bang! In Gametime With Smosh Ian and Anthony play video games that were suggested by viewers. This is my favorite Gametime With Smosh episode In Smosh Game Bang Ian and Anthony and a bunch of their friends who also have shows on the Smosh Games channel play video games! My favorite person in Game Bang is Jovenshire (who by the way you can see on “King Of The Nerds” on TBS) Joven and my favorite episode of Game Bang is this one!

The Annoying Orange: Orange is really funny! He lives in a kitchen with a bunch of other foods and annoys the heck out of people! This is my favorite Annoying Orange video!

What’s your favorite YouTube channel? Tell me in the comments!


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