Hey blog world! I’m gonna do another 10 minute post! This one is about my Peanut dollTalking Peanut. He’s really special to me. As I’ve said in my post “Jeff Dunham Live” Dad bought him for me at Jeff Dunham’s concert at the Mile 1 Center. We’ve been inseperable ever since! We do lots of stuff together. He watches me play games on my iPod, we watch “Scrubs” together and lots of other stuff. The coolest thing I’ve done with Peanut was slow dance with him to “Lady In Red” by Chris De Burgh on Valentines Day! I asked Rod Stockley (one of the radio announcers on Coast 101.1) to play it for me on Valentines Day and when it came on I grabbed Peanut and slow danced with him! It was fun! Peanut is a really cool doll because he’s able to talk! When you squeeze his hand he’ll say things like “Your the other white meat”, “A bunch of my friends are on sticks”, “Man your quick. It’s like you know” and he also makes chicken noises! I like those the best! It’s funny! One thing I’m dissappointed he doesn’t say is “NEOW”. That’s his catchphrase (one of them really) and I think it’s so funny when he runs his hand through his tuft and says that LOL! One flaw about Peanut is that his body is soft but his head is hard so I’ve got to be careful when I hug him. Sometimes I accidentaly hit his head off my hand and that hurts! He’s also got 1 badly worn out sneaker just like the real Peanut! It never stays tied up though! Time is running out! Bye!


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