My Favorite Celebrity Chefs

Hey blog world! I love to watch cooking shows. I want to be a chef and open a restaurant when I grow up so I watch cooking shows to learn new recipes and cooking techniques to use when I open my restaurant! Here are some of my favorite celebrity chefs to watch on TV!

Guy Fieri (“Diners Drive Ins and Dives”) Guy Fieri: He’s awesome! I watch him every night! He’s funny and all the food he showcases on triple D makes my mouth water!

Nadia G (“B****in’ Kitchen”) Nadia: Her show has an innapropriate title but I still like watching it. There is a bit of coarse language but not too much. Nadia is sassy, smart and has a great sense of fashion! She’s also taught me a new word. Schkoff! It’s her word for eat! A lot of the meals she makes on the show are delicious looking! My favorite thing I’ve seen her make was the cheesy alphabet crackers she made in the parenthood episode!

Bobby Flay (“Iron Chef America”, “Throwdown with Bobby Flay”) Bobby Flay: “Throwdown” was definately my favorite show he was in (I don’t know if it still comes on or not though. I never see it anymore!) He made some really yummy looking dishes! My favorite was the Moussaka. Even though there were eggplants in it (which don’t really look very yummy) I still wanted to try it!

Paula Deen (“Paula’s Best Dishes”) Paula Deen: My Aunt got me into watching Paula’s show. Everytime I came over to her house for a sleepover she’d watch it. It’s a great show! My favorite episode was the one where she made her and her Husband breakfast in bed!

Ina Garten (“Barefoot Contessa”) Ina Garten: My Aunt also got me into watching her show! I like it a lot! My favorite episode was when she helped cater her friends sons wedding!

Michael Smith (“Chef At Home”)Michael Smith: On his show he cooks meals in his kitchen for his family and friends! He makes really simple and easy stuff that I’d like to try making someday! My favorite thing he made on the show was his pork chop stuffed apples! Those looked really good!

Gordon Ramsay (“Kitchen Nightmares”, “Hell’s Kitchen”) Gordon Ramsay: He’s a massive foul mouth but I still like him! Watching him on “Kitchen Nightmares” helps me learn what NOT to do when I open my restaurant!

Steve Watson (“One Chef One Critic”)Steve Watson: Steve is a Newfoundlander just like me! I used to love watching him and Karl Wells on “One Chef One Critic” on Rogers TV but since I got FibreOp I no longer get Rogers which totally sucks! I really liked watching him cooking with famous Newfoundlanders! I can’t remember what it is they made but I really liked the dish that he made with Peter Halley from “Spirit of Newfoundland”!

Who’s your favorite celebrity chef? Tell me in the comments!


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