Splatalot Battle Cry

Hey blog world! “Splatalot” is one of my favorite shows. It’s kinda like “Wipeout”. It’s a show where kids (called attackers) run a mideval themed obstacle course to try and become the new King or Queen of Splatalot. Before they run the course the attackers they scream their battle cry. A battle cry is the words (or word) you say before going into battle obviously. About a week ago at school “Splatalot” got brought up and me and 2 of my friends had a huge conversation about what our battle cries would be. I think mine would probably be something like “Asbies rule!” Or maybe for a laugh “ERMAHGERD!” LOL! I was also thinking of maybe saying “Goodbye Ruby Tuesday!” That’s a line from my favorite Rolling Stones song! If you got the chance to run the “Splatalot” course what would your battle cry be? Tell me in the comments!


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