Hey blog world! I like eating fruit. It tastes good and is good for you! Today I’m gonna show you some of my favorite kinds of fruits!

Red delicious apples red deliciuos: These are my favorite kind of apple! They’re crunchy and juicy! They taste great too! My favorite way to eat a red delicious is by itself!

Raspberries raspberries: They’re really messy but they’re really yummy! My favorite way to eat raspberries is with cool whip. I also like them in yogurt and in smoothies!

Peaches peaches: It’s hard to find soft ones so we don’t buy them often (because they’re not good when they’re hard) but when we do find soft ones I love eating them! They’re messy but delicious! They’re really juicy! Sometimes I accidentaly bite into the nut in the middle. I hate when that happens! My favorite ways to eat peaches are by themselves, in yogurt and I like peach juice too!

Cantaloupe Cantaloupe: Cantaloupe is my favorite melon! I don’t like the seeds in it though. I spit those out. My favorite way to eat cantaloupe is on rice krispies. It makes them a little soggy but they taste really good with cantaloupe!

Bananas Banana: I like eating and saying bananas. The word banana is so much fun to say! My favorite ways to eat bananas are in rice krispies and in a banana split!

Cranberries cranberries: Weirdly I dont like cranberries on their own but I love them covered in chocolate! On their own they’re really sour and kinda hard. For some reason though I love them in chocolate! My favorite ways to eat cranberries are cranberry juice Cranberry Cocktail and also chocolate covered!

Tomato Bob: Yes tomatos are fruits. Anything with seeds are a fruit and since tomatos have seeds they therefore are a fruit. My favorite ways to eat tomatos are ketchup (but only on burgers), tomato sauce and also in tacos!

What are your favorite fruits? Tell me in the comments!


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