Valentines Day

Hey blog world! Happy Valentines Day! Did you make any Valentines to hand out to your friends? I did! I spent a lot of time working on ones for my teachers last night. I made them on the computer using Printmaster! I did my best to personalize them. One of the special ed teachers is a fan of Ernest Ernest. He’s always calling me Vern (a friend of Ernest’s who he’s able to see but we’re not) and says “KnowhutImean” (Ernest’s catchphrase) a lot too so I decided to make him an Ernest Valentine! In it I wrote “Have a great Valentines day KnowhutImean!” I even added a picture of Ernest into the card. For my math teacher I said “Happy Valentines Day to a teacher who’s sweet as pi” (as in 3.14)! I couldn’t think of anything to write for the other math teacher I had to make a card for (he runs the afterschool tutoring that I go to) so I used the pi joke again! Today when I passed around my Valentines all the teachers LOVED them! I also handed out a few storebought ones for my friends. They liked those too. We had a special homeroom this morning. All week the Spirit Council has been doing a fundraiser for Valentines day called “Crush for your crush” where you could pay a dollar to send a can of crush soda (any kind you choose) to a friend or lover and you can add a message. Today during this special homeroom they were delivered. I kinda had a feeling I’d get one because the other day one of the teachers in the challenging needs unit was asking everyone what their favorite kind of crush soda was but I didn’t get one. I was dissappointed. When I got to the challenging needs room for recess I got a very pleasant surprise! I did get a Crush! 2 infact! A cream soda from the teachers and my friend K.T gave me an orange one! That made me feel awesome! Also a lot of the kids in the unit and the teachers as well gave me Valentines and candy! I got lots of chocolate, a ring pop and some other stuff as well! That made me feel even more special! In French class since it was Valentines Day the teacher said we could ignore the seating plan and sit wherever we wanted! That was really nice of her! We didn’t do very much work in that class either. We got to listen to French love songs! The only work we did was we got a sheet with lyrics to one of the songs and we had to listen to it and fill in the missing blanks! I got them all on the first try! Near the end of the class I asked the teacher if we could listen to something in English and she said yes. I asked her for “Lady In Red” but she wanted something current. I couldn’t think of any good current love songs. My friend asked her for “Let Me Love You” by Ne-Yo He’d been doing it all class infact! He was desperate to hear it so Miss played it for him. I didn’t really like it. I’m not a big fan of Ne-Yo. The best part of the day was definately our early dismissal! We had a half day today because of a teacher inservice! I’m having a terriffic Valentines Day so far and I hope it keeps getting better! What’s your favorite thing about Valentines Day? Tell me in the comments!


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