Sesame Street Songs

Hey blog world! Today like I always do I ate lunch in the special needs classroom at my school. When she finished her lunch my friend K.B who is in that classroom was using the teachers iPad to watch video’s. She put on “Rubber Duckie” from “Sesame Street”! Hearing that song brought me back to when I was younger and I loved to watch “Sesame Street” (I actually still do sometimes when there’s nothing else on!) It also made me think about all the other Sesame songs I’ve fallen in love with! Here are my FAVORITE songs from “Sesame Street”!

“I Don’t Want To Live On The Moon” This is sung by Ernie (and also Aaron Neville joins him in this version.) It’s been years since I heard Ernie sing this song on the show but I still remember all the words and love to sing it!

“Monster In My Mirror” This was sung by Grover and a whack of famous people! The coolest celebrity appearance in this song is definately The Simpsons! My favorite part of this song is the “Wubba wubba wubba wubba woo woo woo” part! It’s so funny!

“People In Your Neighborhood” This is sung by Bob (and a puppet elevator operator and pharmacist!) I love Bob’s voice and think he does a great job singing this song! A cool bonus is that in this video his girlfriend Linda is with him and she sings the song in sign language (she’s deaf) so we learn how to sign the song!

“ABC-DEF-GHI Song” This is sung by Big Bird. I think it’s really funny that he thinks the alphabet is just one big word and he sings about how it’s pronounced! I’m still not quite sure how to say it but I try!

“Elmo’s World” This is sung by Elmo! It’s the theme to his little mini show at the end of “Sesame Street” episodes! It’s a really simple and short song but it’s really catchy!

“Sing” This is sung by the muppets! I know a few humans sing it too but I forget which ones. I love this song so much I have it on my iPod (the version by the Carpenters!)

“One Small Voice” This is the #1 most beautiful song ever on “Sesame Street” (“I Don’t Want To Live On The Moon” takes 2nd place!) It’s such an inspirational and beautiful song! I almost teared up when I heard one of the kindergarten classes sing this song at my Neice’s kindergarten graduation last year (there were 2 graduating. The class that sang wasn’t my Neices.)

Always remember “One small voice can teach the world a song!” Speaking of songs what’s your favorite “Sesame Street” song? Tell me in the comments!


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