Surprise 50th

Hey blog world! I had so much fun last night! My parents and I went to my Uncle’s surprise 50th Birthday party! I had a great time! We were late and missed surprising my Uncle but at least we made it in time for food! There was turkey soup, pea soup, chilli and dinner rolls. I had some chilli and a roll because I don’t like turkey or pea soup. The rolls were nice and warm and the chilli was really yummy! It was a great meal! After we ate my Cousin introduced me to the DJ and I asked him to play “Patricia The Stripper” by Chris De Burgh. I of course danced to the song and everyone must have liked it because at the end everyone cheered and clapped! That made me feel awesome! The DJ played some Rod Stewart for me too! I asked for “Young Turks” but he didn’t have it so he played “Rhythm Of My Heart” instead. I also asked him to play “Hot Legs” and he had that one so he played it for me! Mom and I danced to that one and we really enjoyed it! I got a dance lesson at the party as well! One of my Uncle’s friends had taken dance classes and knew all kinds of dances so I asked him to dance with me a few times!During a slow song we danced to (I forget what it was) he taught me a bit of the waltz! Later when “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC came on he taught me a bit of swing dancing! I liked that one the best! When “Amazed” by Lonestar came on he taught me the two step! They were hard dances to learn but I tried my best and he said I did good! I danced with my Dad a few times too. We danced to “Grey Foggy Day” by Shanneyganock, “Country Roads” by John Denver and “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins After a few hours of dancing we got to have our cake and watch my Uncle open his gifts. The cake was chocolate! It tasted really yummy! He got some really neat gifts too. After the gifts and cake Mom read a funny poem about him that she wrote (she writes poems for all special family occasions), my Cousin (his Daughter) read a poem she found somewhere and my other cousin (also his Daughter) said a few words. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the whole party. At 12:00 Dad drove me home and at 12:30 I turned on the Cabin Party and went to bed. I was exausted from all the dancing but I had a great time! People were telling me today that I was the life of the party! That made me happy! Have you ever been to or thrown a surprise party? What was your favorite part? Tell me in the comments!


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