My Favorite Stores

Hey blog world! I love to shop! There are a lot of stores that I really like to go to! Here are a few of them!

Salvation Army Thrift Store Thrift Store: I find a lot of cool stuff here for really low prices! As you all know I was Elle Woods for Halloween last year and I found 50% of my costume at a Salvation Army thrift store! The jacket, skirt, shirt and hat all came from there! Not only have I found really cool clothes here I also have found lots of other cool things like for example I found the movie “Rain Man”, a GIANT stuffed Smurf and even some Shrek light brite templates Shrek Light Brite! It’s amazing all the awesome stuff you can find in a Salvation Army store!

Walmart Walmart: Mom and I come here a lot! My favorite spots in Walmart are definately the toy aisle (I go there to look at the board games) and the electronics. I spend most of my time in that section! I love browsing all the DVD’s, CD’s and video games! I also like looking at the clothes too! They’ve got some really cool clothes! For example I once saw a T shirt with pop art of Fonzie from “Happy Days”! I also really like going to the McDonalds in Walmart from time to time. I’ve even gotten my hair cut in their hair salon a few times!

Sobey’s Sobeys: This is where Mom and me get our groceries every week. I really like it here! One reason why is because at the bakery you can get a free chocolate chip cookie! Those are really yummy! Also they’ve got live lobsters there and for some reason my Neice and I like to watch them. A great thing about Sobey’s is that it’s more than just a grocery store! Upstairs they’ve got a community room where they hold all kinds of events! When I was little I used to go to storytime up there, I also used to go to their movie days and I even took a 2 week cooking class there! The first week I learned to make pizza and the 2nd week I learned to make spaghetti and meatballs! They were both really yummy!

Long & McQuade L&M: This is a music store. Also they do instrument rentals. I rent my clarinet from them each year! I remember coming into Long & McQuade once and at the front of the store was a HUGE bin full of stuff they were giving away for FREE! I found lots of amazing things in there! The sheet music for “Billie Jean”, the sheet music for a medley of songs from the musical “Anastasia” and lots of other neat things too!

The X Store X Store: This is a novelty store in the Avalon Mall. They sell lots of things in here! Stuffed toys, board games, clothes and lots of other stuff! The coolest thing I found in here was definately the talking Midget Apple keychain that I got my friend E.M for her birthday last year!

The Tickle Trunk The Tickle Trunk: This is a novelty store. I don’t get to go here often because it’s located in Downtown St John’s which is hours away from where I live (I think it’s at least 2 hours but I’m not sure.) When I do get to come here though I love looking around at all the cool stuff! They sell Diablos Diablo here and it’s also the place where Mom bought me my puppet named Megan Megan! They’ve got lots of other cool stuff there too like finger puppets and slide whistles!  

What’s your favorite store to go shopping at? Tell me in the comments!

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