Dance Party

Hey blog world! I had such a great time last night! I went to my friend M.K’s 18th birthday party! He had a dance! It was awesome! He hired the same DJ that did my dance so I knew she’d play a lot of great music! I was right. My friend M must LOVE Michael Jackson because the majority of songs on the playlist were MJ songs! The DJ played stuff like “You Are Not Alone”, “Beat It” and “Will You Be There” (the song he did for “Free Willy”)! She played lots of other great songs too like “Boot Scootin Boogie” by Brooks & Dunn, “Peter Street Dance Remix” by the Celtic Connection and a super long (but fun to dance to) medley of 50’s and 60’s rock n roll songs. It included songs like “Peggy Sue” by Buddy Holly, Splish Splash” by Bobby Darrin and “Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On” by Jerry Lee Lewis. I was super tired after dancing to that because it’s so long but I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed dancing to the slow songs that were played as well. Though “You Are Not Alone” was a bit awkward. The reason why was because at first it was just me and my friend A.B dancing together then he invited my friend S to come dance with us then another one of my friends came and joined in too so there were 4 of us all slow dancing together! Like I said it was a bit awkward but after a while we (kinda) got the hang of it and enjoyed ourselves. At the beginning of the party we each got a raffle ticket and from time to time during the dance M.K’s Mom would ask the DJ to stop the music and then she’d do a draw. Everyone’s tickets were drawn! I thought it was so nice of her to let everyone get a prize! My prize was a jewelery tree. It was a ballerina one! It’s wearing a tutu! I thought it was so pretty! My friend S got a jewelery tree too. Her tree was wearing something similar to Michael Jacksons “Thriller” costume LOL! After a bit more dancing the pizza came! It tasted really yummy! The cake did too! Although there was some kind of custard in the middle and I didn’t think it tasted very good so I just ate around the custard. After the cake and pizza we went back to dancing and being the HUGE C de B fan that I am I of course asked the DJ to play “Lady In Red” and “Patricia The Stripper” for me (I ask for those songs at every dance I go to!) When she played “Lady In Red” for me I was so happy I squealed! I frightened the poor daylights out of my friend who was standing next to me LOL! I slow danced to it with the birthday boy. I could tell he was really enjoying himself because the whole time he was looking at me and smiling! A little while after “Lady In Red” was played M.K’s Mom stopped the music once again and said we were going to have a dance contest. While we were dancing she made her way around the floor and gave each of us a 2nd prize! I opened my gift bag and was thrilled! It was like Mrs K knew me! I got a new pair of headphones which I needed (I can’t find my other pair so I really needed new ones) and modelling clay which I really wanted! I’ve outgrown play doh and always wanted to make something with real clay and now I can. I’m thinking of maybe making little Simpsons figurines but I’m not sure. I’ll blog about whatever I make when it’s done! Anyways I waited very very anxiously for “Patricia The Stripper” to come on and when it did I went crazy! I was laughing, swinging my hips and singing along! It was definately the most fun I’d had all night! Later on M.K sat down and opened his gifts. I really enjoyed watching him open them and see what he got! I was really excited when he got to my card! I made him a handmade card using Printmaster and I know how much he loves Wrestling so I put the WWE logo WWE inside! He absolutely loved it and that made me really happy! At the end of the party I was tired but I had an awesome time! Do you like going to dances? Why or why not? Tell me in the comments!


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