My Celebrity Valentine

Hey blog world! Valentines day is coming up really soon so I thought that today I’d make a post about celebrities I want to be my Valentine this year!

Dr Travis Stork  Dr Travis: He’s such a hottie! I’d love it if he were my Valentine! A bonus is he’s an E.R physician so if he were my Valentine and on Valentines day something went wrong he could help me!

Brad Paisley Brad Paisley 2: He’s one of my favorite male country singers! His voice and guitar playing are AMAZING! I know he’s married but I still think it’d be cool if he were my Valentine! Especially if he sang me a love song!

Peanut Peanut 2: I know he’s a puppet but I don’t care! He’s firetrucking adorable! I wanted so badly to hug him at Jeff Dunham’s concert at the Mile 1 Center but I never got the chance (then again that was probably a good thing because I would have probably never let go therefore causing Jeff to miss his flight home LOL!)

Chuck Hughes Chuck: Not only is he cute but we have a few things in common! We both love cooking and speak French! Not sure if Chuck gets Valentines day off but if he does and was my Valentine that’d be awesome!

Monte Durham Monte: Sure he’s gone grey but I think it makes him look handsome! He’s a real diva on “Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta” but I like that about him! He’s got a great sense of fashion, a cute southern accent and I think he’d make a great Valentine for me!

Mauricio Herrera Mauricio AGT: I fell for him the very second he walked onto the AGT stage! He’s super cute and has the singing voice of an angel! I dream about him a lot! If only someday my dreams could become reality and we could meet and be eachothers valentine!

Simon Helberg Simon: I like nerds! I think Simon is a very cute one! He’s also very funny! I love watching him on “The Big Bang Theory” (he plays Howard Wolowitz!) I think it’d be cool if he could be my nerdy Valentine! We could read comic books together! I would love that!

Kid President KP: I know he’s very young but he’s a very cute and very smart kid! He’s also an amazing dancer! And a cupcake lover just like me! I’d love it if he were my Valentine!

Which famous people do you want to be your Valentine? Tell me in the comments!

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