My Proudest Moments

Hey blog world! In my life there have been a lot of moments when I was really proud. Here are a few of them!

  • Being featured in my friends scrapbook: My friend D.D from the challenging needs classroom at school has a scrapbook that the teachers made for her. It’s full of pictures of her and of her friends! Today while I was reading her her favorite book “Boss For A Week” by Libby Handy one of the teachers snapped a picture of me reading to her and told me that was going to go in the scrapbook! I felt so proud and honored when she told me that!
  • Being chosen to be the spokesperson for my SO team: 2 years ago I had the amazing honor of being the spokesperson for my Special Olympics team! My Mom even said that when the people in charge were deciding who the spokesperson should be they all nominated me! It was a great year! I got to go to a conference in Grand Falls, give speeches (I still get to do that and it’s so much fun) and lots of other things! I loved being the spokesperson!
  • Becoming an Aunt: When my Sister was pregnant with my Neice I was really excited! I’d get to have my own Neice! When she was born she was one of the cutest things ever! She still is super cute! She and I fight sometimes but we love eachother unconditionally and I will always be proud to be her Aunt!
  • Receiving a gold medal: When I got my very first gold medal in bowling last summer I was so happy!
  • Being on “Kortney and Dave By Request”: I felt so honoured and privliged to get to be on the show and share my Grandma’s story! When I watched the recording I made of the show with my Mom I was so proud and so was she!
  • Making donations on the Janeway Telethon: I get a yearly feeling of pride because of my donations to the Janeway. Every year when I count all the money I’ve collected I feel proud because of all the money I raised for such an amazing cause!
  • Being the only one in my class who got 100% for the monologue project: In drama we each had to pick a monologue and perform it in front of the class. I chose to do Debbie’s monologue from “The Addams Family Values”. I was the ONLY person in the class who got 100%! When I found that out I honestly couldn’t have been any happier!
  • When my friend thanked me for the first time: D.D like I said earlier is in the challenging needs classroom. She can speak but she only knows a few words and sentances. The teachers are helping her learn more things to say. I remember one day walking over to her desk and saying that she was drawing a lovely picture. Then she said thank you! That was the first time she’d said that to me! I felt so proud of her!
  • Being on the Coast 101.1 radio miracle: When I was in 6th grade I got invited to do an interview live on air on Coast 101.1. I got to talk about my autism and ACC (Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum) and I got to sing! Somehow when Mom was trying to put songs on my iPod nano for me she put EVERYTHING on the computer on it including my interview. I still have it on my iPod! Whenever I listen to it I feel so proud of myself for doing such a great job!
  • Winning the “Kiss You – I Hardly Know You” Award at the grade 9 farewell: As soon as Newfie Romeo and Juliet (2 teachers dressed up as Newfie versions of Romeo and Juliet to give out the spoof awards) said the name of the award and what it was for I got up because I knew I’d be the recipient of the award! I felt so proud going up to the stage to accept my certificate and box of kleenex! I’m so proud of that achievement that I’ve framed the certificate and the box of kleenex is displayed on my bookshelf. I have vowed to never EVER use those tissues!

What’s your proudest moment? Tell me in the comments!


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