Hey blog world! In this post I’ll tell you all about my awesome friends!

E.M: I met her at the bulldog gym in 2010 and I’m so glad that I did! She’s so awesome! We like a lot of the same things like VBS (Vacation Bible School), Chris De Burgh, youth group and the Annoying Orange! We even dislike a lot of the same things! We have an extensive list of forbidden words. Those are words we both really hate and have forbidden ourselves from ever using. The coolest thing that me and E.M have done together was definately when we went to the teddy bear picnic! That was such a fun day!

L.B: I also met her at bulldog! She’s bubbly, optimistic, funny and has a great sense of fashion! She and I love going to the movies together and hanging out at my place! Sometimes E.M hangs out with us too! The coolest thing me and L.B have done together was definately seeing “Les Misérables” in the theater! We both loved the movie!

H.M: Just so you know H.M has a different last name than E.M so they’re not related. I met H.M at Special Olympics bowling! She’s so cool! She and I love to skype together! We always do karaoke when we skype! It’s so much fun! The coolest thing that H.M and I did together was definately my birthday party! She was the DJ! She played lots of awesome songs for me! It was a great night (accept for the part when L.B popped her kneecap out of place!)

Those are just some of my super awesome friends! What do you like to do with your friends? Tell me in the comments!


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