Game Show Hosts

Hey blog world! My family has FibreOp and recently we got a 30 day free trial of some new stations. One of those was GSN. I spend a lot of time watching that now because game shows are AWESOME! I thought today I’d share with you some of my favorite game show hosts!

Richard Dawson (“Family Feud”) Richard Dawson: He was one of the really early hosts of the show. Not only that but he was also my favorite one! “Family Feud” wasn’t the only game show Richard was on. He was also a pannelist on “Match Game” (the one from the 60’s through 80’s)! A really cool thing about Richard is that we share the same birthday! We were both born on November 20th!

Bill Engvall (“Lingo”) Bill Engvall: Bill took over for the original host (Chuck Woolery) I think maybe 2 years ago (maybe it was last year. I can’t remember!) I like him a little better than Chuck! He’s really funny!

Jeff Foxworthy (“Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader”, “The American Bible Challenge”) Jeff Foxworthy: I’ve yet to see “The American Bible Challenge” (season 2 by the way premiers March 21st on GSN) but I LOVE “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader”. I unfortunately never am! Jeff is a great host and I think he might make a good teacher!

Guy Fieri (“Minute To Win It”) Guy Fieri: It was amazing to see him transition from celebrity chef to game show host! He’s really awesome! He’s also very energetic! I love having 2 stations to watch him on now (Food Network and GSN!)

Jerry Springer (“Baggage”) Jerry Springer: I never imagined Jerry hosting a game show but it happened! His show is on really late at night (probably because it’s not quite appropriate) but I record it and watch it later! He’s a great host! He makes a lot of jokes!

Adam Growe (“Cash Cab”) Cash Cab: This show is not (but should be) on GSN! It’s on Discovery and the Comedy Network. Adam is such a cool person! For one thing he drives the most AWESOME cab ever (it gives you a light show if you get a correct answer) and also he’s really funny!

Who’s your favorite game show host? Tell me in the comments!

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