Game Shows I’d Like To Be On

Hey blog world! I love watching game shows on TV! One day I’d love to be on one! Here are a few I’d like to be on!

“Match Game” Match Game: This is a new version of the older game show of the same name. In this game people are asked funny fill in the blank questions and in order to get points they have to match their answers with the answers of the people on the celebrity panel. I watch this show every night and think it’s super funny! I even play along at home and get lots of matches! The celebrity I’d be most excited to meet if I got to be on “Match Game” would definately be Sean Cullen Sean Cullen!

“Wipeout” Wipeout logo: It looks kinda painful but it looks like it could be fun too! I own the video game so I’ve got lots of practice if I ever do get to be on “Wipeout”. The one thing I’m a bit afraid of though is definately the big balls. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get past them without wiping out!

“Cash Cab” Cash Cab: I’d have to go to Toronto (I think that’s where they film this show) and hail at least a million taxis before I get the right one but once I find it I will be so happy! I play along with this one at home too and I know a lot of the right answers and if by chance I do get to be on “Cash Cab” and don’t know the answer I’ve got lots of smart friends I can call for help!

“Wheel Of Fortune” Wheel Of Fortune: I do crosswords and fill ins and other word puzzles and am also a great speller so I think I’d do really well with this game!

“Jeopardy” Jeopardy: Some of the questions are hard but I know a lot of stuff so I think that with my amount of knolwedge I should be able to win some money on this show!

What game shows would you like to be on? Tell me in the comments!


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