Power Outage

Hey blog world! As all you readers in Newfoundland know the province lost it’s power today due to a snowstorm! That firetrucking sucked! My clock radio shut off so I had no idea what time it was so I had to use my laptop as a clock! Also we had no heat so I got to stay in my PJ’s all day today to keep warm! Since the stove, microwave and virtually all kitchen appliances require power I had to have a cold breakfast this morning. I had cereal! After breakfast I spent some time hanging out with my stuffed talking Peanut doll Talking Peanut! We sat on the couch together and watched “Scrubs”! I played with my Neice for a bit too! We colored a few pictures in my Spongebob coloring book while listening to some music on my iPod then we played “The Logo Board Game”. Right in the middle of the game it was time for dinner! My Dad went downstairs and boiled some water on our woodstove so we got to have some nice hot soup for our dinner! It was tomato! I’d never had it before and I kinda liked it! After our dinner we finished our game. I won! Then we played “Scrabble” which I also won! During “Scrabble” we got our power back! Mom blew out the candles she had lit and then we lost the power again! I got my hopes up for nothing! We continued playing in the dark. A little while after the game was done I decided to try playing the piano. I grabbed Peanut and set him down on a chair next to the piano so he could listen to me play. We still had no power so it wasn’t easy to see the notes written in the book. Mom lit a candle and that wasn’t much help either so I gave up on that and Peanut and I went back into the living room to study for my midterm. It wasn’t very easy to see my notes because it was so dark so my Mom brought me in a flashlight! It really helped! When I was done studying I got my iPod out and Peanut watched me play “Angry Birds” and “Flow”. Then the power came back! I was thrilled! Hopefully I won’t loose it again anytime soon! What do you like to do to pass the time when you have a power outage? Tell me in the comments!

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